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A Fresh Start

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First of all  I must say, I never thought I’ll be starting my own blog anytime soon as the entire blogging world seems to go above my head. However being my 1st blog, I thought I would have a lot to write for my very 1st post, somehow I find myself being totally blank.

To begin with let me tell you something about myself. I am Disha Khurana, a 20 something girl who gets fascinated with everything elegant & classy. I love baking & run my own confectionery from home called Velvety Decadence, i also love to experiment with basic home style cooking as well as different cuisines in the kitchen. And just like every girl, shopping seems to be a second love after baking.
This blog is a sort of a peek-a-boo into my world & hopefully it wont disappoint you 🙂

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