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29 January, 2013

Caramelized apples with cereal crumble

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Are you one of those who constantly look out for new variations instead of the same mundane boring dishes but also prefer them to be “Healthy”? If yes then this particular dish might just be your future best friend. I often have the “meetha” cravings & whenever I do walk the path of satisfying that urge, it instantly leaves me back with a guilt trip so I can say for sure this is particular recipe has been a been a dear one ever since I tried this.

 Recipe adapted from Follow My Recipe

Caramelized apples with cereal crumble

1 apple (peeled, cored & diced)
½ tsp of lemon juice
1 tsp of honey (you can also use golden syrup or maple syrup)
A pinch of cinnamon powder
2 tsp of fresh pomegranate
A handful of chocolate chips
½ tsp of butter
Half cup of flavoured yogurt (I used strawberry flavour)
Half a cup of mix cereals (I used a mix of museli & strawberry flavoured corn flakes)

In a non-stick pan add the butter, let it melt & immediately add the apple pieces & squeeze the lemon juice (the lemon juice helps protect the apples from turning blackish)

Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon powder & drizzle half teaspoon of honey. Stir & let it get caramelized for about 4-5 mins on slow flame stirring occasionally

Meanwhile mix the yogurt with the cereals in a small bowl. The idea of this whole dish is the hot & cold combination so keep the yogurt-cereal mixture ready just around when the apples are about to get done.
Once the apples & cereal-yogurt mixture is done, it’s time to assemble your dish.

In 2 tiny bowls add the hot caramelized apples & sprinkle the chocolate chips (the heat of the apples melt the chocolate chips turning this dish into a yumm gooey chocolaty one, all the more reason for craving it 😛 )

I wish I had some fresh strawberries at home while making this, would be perfect to go into the yogurt-cereal mixture & also for the garnish. All in all,a perfect dish to beat those sweet cravings & that too being guilt free.

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