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16 December, 2015

Christmas Festive Cooking with DIY Burygundy Box at APB Cook Studio

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With the super fast pace of life in a city like Mumbai, most of us lead a very busy life. We often tend to eat from outside in restaurants or order in after a hectic day at work. But we often find ourselves craving for home cooked food. Even those who regularly cook get tired by the mundane kitchen life with the regular dishes & want a change yet wish for it to be home cooked. Once in a while all of us want a fancy home cooked meal to our rescue yet want it to be quick & easy peasy. To meet this need, we have a new & brilliant concept in the market called DIY meal boxes. We have a few handful brands that cater this need with such boxes but very few meet the standard of good food with excellent taste.

Bunch of Happy Foodies at APB Cook Studio with Chef Ajay Chopra

I had been meaning to try them out from a while but just had not gotten around it. One sudden afternoon when Rushina Ghildiyal of APB Cook Studio invited me for a Christmas Cooking Session with Burgundy Box owned by the man with hats, Chef Ajay Chopra; I instantly accepted. From being a chef in some of the top five star hotels, to being the judge on Masterchef India, to having his own show on Food Food Chanel called High Tea & now being the man behind Burgundy Box; Chef Ajay Chopra really needs no introduction.

Roast Chicken DIY Burgundy Box Meal Kit

Burgundy box is a lovely initiative by Chef Ajay Chopra where they provide DIY (Do It Yourself) meal kits. They have different Veg & Non-Veg meal options on their website where you can choose & order as per your preference & it is then home delivered it to you. Inside the box, you get a pre-prepped ingredients neatly packaged in small boxes, the required spices, paste, gravy or masalas along with recipe sheet where the ingredients are mentioned with proper instructions. All the above is measured & sent in small quantities measured according to the requirement for the dish. Having pre-prepped ingredients & ready gravies or pastes make things so much easier, all what one is required to do is follow the instructions & your dish is ready in no time. It is great for people wanting to try out new dishes from different cuisines to impress their family but hesitant on knowing the ingredients they have never worked with.

Roast Chicken DIY Burgundy Box Meal Kit

When Rushina told me about this cooking session, I was excited because Christmas cooking itself is a task but managing to bring all of it in a box could be an even bigger one. But Chef Ajay brought the concept to life & how. The theme for the day being Christmas; on entering APB cook studio other than getting their usual warm happy vibe, I was instantly taken to the festive zone. After a good round of introductions, it was time to pair up & cook the two big burgundy boxes allotted to us. One had the Chicken which was pre-marinated overnight along with a packet of root vegetables & another packet of vegetables to be stir fried later, gravy, fondant potatoes and extra marinade. The instructions were fairly simple; all one had to do was truss the chicken, follow the rest of the to-do’s, put it in the oven & forget about it for an hour or so & baste it in between with the cooking liquid. The meal kit which is available for ordering will have a standard size of the chicken of 1kg & have mashed potatoes instead of the fondant potatoes.

Roast Chicken – trussed, marinated & massaged on a bed of vegetables

Stir Fried Vegetables with Fondant Potatoes

Tadaaa! Roast Chicken with Veggies ready

If you have read my previous posts, you know my eternal love for a classic roast chicken with gravy, veggies & mash; I could literally live on it. The best part was we learnt how to truss a chicken & do it all by ourselves & place it properly on a bed of veggies with the remaining marinade. The end result, that golden beauty which came out of the oven with the aroma filling up the entire room made all of us so proud & excited like school kids.

Christmas Pudding DIY Burgundy Box

Christmas Pudding ready to be baked

Christmas pudding with Crème Anglaise

The second box had another classic festive dish, the Christmas pudding with Crème Anglaise. It had small boxes of alcohol soaked fruits, butter, sugar, flour-breadcrumb mix, beaten egg & already prepared crème anglaise. All that was needed was open the plastic boxes, mix everything, pour it in a grease tin, put it for baking & forget about it for a while.

Me & Romi posing away with our Roast Chicken

Posing away while our Chickens cook

Me & Rushina

Posing away with our pampered chickens

Chips & Dips

We worked in pairs while making the Chicken & the pudding & my partner in crime was Romi Purkayastha who writes at “Follow The Eaten Path”. We had a great time learning, cleaning, cooking, clicking pictures & finally eating our dish. Rushina as always played a great host at APB studio, so while we waited for our dishes to be ready, we chatted away with chips & dips & indulged in a lot of food conversations & selfies.

Me & Chef Ajay Chopra

Unlike the usual dishes by Burgundy Box, this one is a little more time consuming. But then isn’t festive cooking needs your time, love & care? Luckily Chef Ajay comes to your rescue & helps you with more than half your work, the only time that is needed goes into the cooking that happens in the oven. So while your chicken & pudding is getting ready in the oven, you can quickly get ready to impress your family or guests & show off about your final dish.

Foodies having a fun afternoon at APB Cook Studio

Another aspect of Burgundy Box is that besides their DIY meal kits, they also cater Freshly prepared Ready to Eat Meal Box where one can order five star quality food at half the price. Chef Ajay makes sure the food sent out of their kitchen is of a very high standard in terms of quality as well as consistency. This service is a great option for office goers who don’t get time to cook & carry a dabba or are tired of ordering food from the same place.

The Christmas Special Festive Meal Kit is available on Burgundy Box at the price of Rs. 1350/- for both the dishes. And since Christmas is all about spreading joy & happiness, for every box sold Rs. 100 will go towards a special treat for children of an orphanage run in collaboration with the Avatar Church, Bandra. This meal kit is available from the 15th Dec till the end of the season only so if you really want to hear all the praises & yet keep it hassle free, order your Burgundy Box & woo away all your loved ones.

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