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10 May, 2016

Delight Foods – Regional Indian Delicacies are only a few clicks away!

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We all deep down love to travel & wish to be on move at least once every few weeks or months. Some of the lucky ones do manage to travel to their favourite places & eventually shop for their favourite things from that one shop in that corner of that one city. What about those who are loaded with work & priorities; can’t find time to travel yet crave for their favourite delicacies from that one that shop in a particular city & to top it off they don’t even have friends or family from that place to courier them to you?

I have fond memories of trotting around India & visiting different cities, sightseeing & indulging in different Indian delicacies what our country offers with my family as a kid. When I got to know about Delight Foods, I thought it’s just another e-commerce platform offering the regular things that we can easily get it everywhere. Little did I know how wrong I was; Delight Foods is definitely not just another website offering regular things.

It’s a website that brings you your favourite delicacies & memories attached to them under one platform, where you can choose nearly everything our country has to offer. Right from the famous Petha’s from Agra to the Rosagulla’s from KC Das of Kolkata; from sweets to pickles & masala’s; from papad’s & bhajia ready mixes to confectioneries like special jam’s & chocolate’s India offers. You name a famous food brand or delicacy & you will definitely find it on Delight Foods.

I obviously ordered for a few things as soon as I browsed the website for a good time being amazed by their offerings & patiently waited for a few days for my order to arrive. Within 3-4 working days, my box arrived & I was so happy to see how neatly packed & bubble wrapped everything was to make sure there was no damage made. I ordered for KC Das Rosgulla from Kolkata, Karachi Halwa from Chaina Ram in Delhi & Dried Kashmiri Tomatoes from Koshur Foods in Kashmir.

Karachi Halwa, KC Das Rossogolla, Dried Kashmiri Tomatoes

KC Das Rossogolla from Kolkata

Karachi Halwa from Chaina Ram in Delhi

I even ordered for a Banana Rum Jam from a vendor in Delhi which due to unavailability by the vendor had to be cancelled. I was really impressed with the service & follow up done by the support team of Delight Foods due to the cancellation of the product. I had a choice to make of whether I cancel my order or give out a fresh order of something else. Having been quite impressed by them during my first order, I obviously placed another one & this time I called for the Moong Bhajia Mix from Agarwal’s in Indore & a jar of Sweet Chilli Jam from Moshe’s in Mumbai itself.

Moong Bhajiya Mix & Sweet Chilli Jam

Moong Bhajia made using the Moong Bhajia Mix from Indore

Sweet Chilli Jam from Moshes in Mumbai

I was very happy with the freshness of the product & the packaging done by Delight Foods not to forget the prompt delivery unlike many other platforms that take a minimum of 6-7 working days. We tried everything except the Dried Kashmiri Tomatoes & the Sweet Chilli Jam so far & loved everything. So much so that my mom has asked me to teach her how to find her way around the website & personally I think it’s a good way of gifting & surprising loved ones with their favourite food too.

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