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MojoBars: A solution to those sudden hunger pangs!

Posted in : Product Review on by : Disha Khurana

I recently got back from a 11 day Europe trip with my family which took me across France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany! Being an avid foodie, I’ve always believed that if you want to understand a culture, the best way to do so is by exploring its food!

That being said, having food abroad is challenging especially if you are a vegetarian or like me who does not have pork/ham & beef. We’re so used to the type of food we get at home or at restaurants, cafes or pubs we visit in our city but when you’re out there, be it the flavors or the ingredients used in making your food, things are different! And to make things difficult, language is an additional barrier. What we call something – they call it something else and there’s always that odd communication & accent issue.



Our itinerary was packed and with a lot of travel involved and anticipating the challenges before head, I made sure I packed some homemade food & dry snacks for my mom & dad & a few Mojo Bars before I left from India. MojoBar is a snack bar that is healthy yet tastes good. Trust me, in all the hustle and bustle, when we were looking for a quick bite or those sudden hunger pangs thanks to pathetic breakfast provided to us by the travel & tour agency, these bars came to my rescue!

Mojo Bars currently come in 3 flavours – Choco Almond + Protein, Nutty Apricot + Fibre & lastly Yoghurt Berry +Anti-Oxidants. Priced at only Rs. 40/-, they fill you up & satisfy those sudden hunger pangs and are therefore, value for money. You can get your Mojo Bar online on Amazon or at any decent retail store in Mumbai.

After coming back I always keep my stash of Mojo Bars in my bag as I am constantly on the move. There have been times when I’m in a hurry and late to reach somewhere & don’t have enough time for breakfast, or exhausted after the gym and looking for an energy boost, or stuck in traffic and looking for a quick bite, or simply looking for something to munch on with my evening cup of tea/coffee. These are the times when MojoBar comes in really handy. Try them to know what I am talking about.

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