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16 June, 2016

Sindhi food finally getting its due share with Sindhful!

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The food industry in Mumbai today has been exploding & how! Restaurants offering multiple cuisines have been around for more than I can remember catering to every person’s needs. However in the rat race to bring modern & international cuisines, we forget the very fact that there are more cuisines when it comes to Indian food itself. Very few restaurants still revive the authentic taste & culture of those rare cuisines. Being a Sindhi myself, I have always been asked by my friends to treat them with Sindhi food & the only reason being that you don’t get authentic Sindhi food easily available. There are hardly 1-2 restaurants in Mumbai that serve traditional Sindhi food. But with home chef’s coming in limelight & getting their due share of fame, I am glad Sindhi food has been revived.

Authentic Sindhi Spread

I happen to try the food from Sindhful recently & I couldn’t have been more pleased. Sindhful started off as as a home chef & tied up with Hola Chef for their deliveries. Today they are an independent entity & have the capacity to dish out nearly 800 portions on a daily basis. I tried a portion of Kadhi Chawal & Alu Tuk which is a quintessentially Sindhi dish, it is comfort food for many. I also tried a portion of their Mutton Kofta’s & Kheema with Pav & Chicken Kheema with Pattice & Pav.

Kadhi Chawal & Alu Tuk

Every Sindhi will tell you their mother makes a better version of Kadhi Chawal & nearly every house will differ slightly in taste however you can clearly see & taste the similarity too. I was looking forward to trying the version Sindhful serves to see how authentic were the flavours & sadly I was quite disappointed. The besan-tomato proportion along with basic flavours itself was a bit of a letdown for me. The only good thing was the alu tuk that came along with it.

Mutton Kofta’s & Kheema with Pav

The one dish I know for sure that I am going to be ordering very often now on is the Mutton Kofta’s & Kheema with Pav. It is by far one of the best I have ever had anywhere & it beats down some of the best kheema dishes I have had in the city. Every bite is an explosion of flavours & if you may ask what is the difference between a normal kheema & the Sindhi Kheema. The only reply to that would be try an authentic one & know the difference first hand, the only thing I can explain is that it is a lot spicer than the usual one. I was glad to see that the Pav that accompanies the Mutton Kofta’s  & Kheema were slightly toasted with butter. The sliced onions that came along with them was a great accompaniment with the dish as a whole.  Another thing worth mentioning that it is not too oily than the usual one’s & I absolutely loved their neat & sturdy packaging in microwavable boxes.

Chicken Kheema & Pattice with Pav

The Chicken Kheema & Pattice with Pav too was quite pleasant & was as authentic as any homemade Sindhi dish could get it. Right from the pattice which were big heart shaped potato pattice with a generous amount of dry kheema stuffing & had a good spice level too. The Chicken Kheema was moderately spiced & didn’t have any oil floating on top. It was almost like a check & check in my mind next to the qualities I look for a good Sindhi Kheema dish.

Goey Chocolate Mud Cake

Both the non-veg dishes made up for more than how much the kadhi chawal disappointed me & are definitely a must try. Sindhful was thoughtful enough to even send some decent cutlery & paper napkins. I ended the meal with their amazing Goey Chocolate Mud Cake & I couldn’t be happier. The cake sponge was slightly dry that what I prefer but the chocolate fudge sauce made it goey enough & totally yummy.

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