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Horlics Growth+ is the answer to many mommy prayers!

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Every Parent takes utmost care for their child from the very moment they arrive into this world. Right from the most basic needs to their future, a parent is always careful & concerned. Nutrition is always a big part of this concern during the growing years of a child’s life for any mother.

Some kids are picky eaters while some simply refuse to eat unless it matches their taste buds. Taking an example of my niece who is not even 2 yrs yet is fussy about what she wants on her plate. I see a constant struggle that my sister faces while tricking her into having healthy food which is good for her body & growth. Similarly there are way too many kids that are way too troublesome when it comes to eating good nutritional food.

A child’s growth & development depends on the initial years of their nutrition. Dal, roti & sabzi are the basic requirements for any normal Indian child’s good health. While there are many ways one can trick their child into eating nutritious & healthy food, however not everyone gains success doing that. Often kids just have a glass of milk early morning & head to school, which alone isn’t enough to sustain till the break time. It results to poor concentration, low energy levels eventually resulting into both poor physical as well as mental development.

Infact according to the National Family Survey 30% of Indian Kids lack growth in terms of their height & weight which needs our immediate attention. Thus instead of a plain glass of milk, it can be turned into a power packed dose of health & energy with just a small quantity of Horlics Growth +. Not only is it tasty & loved by all kids including the fussy ones but it also provides the basic requirements a child’s body needs which due to whatever reason is not provided by the food they eat.

Horlicks Growth+ claims to act like a power booster along with a good diet to catch up on the lost growth of your kids. Horlicks Growth+ is made up of nutrients like high quality protein, vitamins, minerals and growth amino acids from natural sources.

Horlicks Growth+ is a specialized nutrition product designed by international pediatric experts for children in age group of 3-9 years who are lagging behind in height and weight. It contains high quality whey protein with added nutrients that are known to enable children to catch up on lost growth. It has been clinically proven for visible growth in children in 6 months.

Horlics Growth + is available in two flavours, Chocolate & Vanilla. Now which kid would refuse either of them especially chocolate? Horlicks Growth+ is priced at Rs. 585 for a 500gn pack and Rs. 315 for a 200gm pack. The recommended dosage for Horlicks Growth+ is 2-3 scoops in a day to be taken along with Milk. However it also depends upon the current weight of the child and it is to be taken along with the existing diet as a supplement not a diet substitute. With Horlics Growth + now mothers can relax, let loose the worry hats and #CatchuponGrowth when it comes to keeping an eye on the nutritional development of their kid.

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