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Restaurant Review : Goila Butter Chicken by Chef Saransh Goila

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Around a year back a hashtag started doing the rounds on Twitter, a very unique hashtag which rolled eyes instantly. Soon enough the hashtag started trending but not everyone was lucky enough to experience it. This hashtag was the famous #GoilaButterChicken that started by Chef Saransh Goila. Few lucky friends were invited for a secret Goila Butter Chicken Night & the pictures that followed left all of us craving more & more.

As Goila Butter Chicken has finally opened doors as a delivery, take away & drive in joint; the butter chicken fan in me among many others does a silent happy dance. You may ask what is so special about it; well for starters the smoking of the gravy done with the coal makes all the difference & all the preps of Chef Saransh Goila’s signature dish Butter chicken among other things are made under his supervision.

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When I heard about this delivery joint, I simply had to try the food to know if all the hype was for real & truly it was. While the signature Butter Chicken is the star of the menu, there is much more that Goila Butter Chicken offers & one possibly cannot try all at once. Also the Graffiti done outside the wall is worth a mention, it’s so cool & unique & the bright orange colour instantly attracts you.

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The portion sizes you see in my pictures are tasting portions for one on my special request as their usual portion sizes are more than enough for 2-3 people. I started my meal with the Beetroot Tikki Chaat which was simply fabulous. The semi crushed Ragda with sweet & spicy chutney’s topped with some salli & raw onions is just what a perfect Chaat is all about. Also the anardana chutney that comes along with it is really nice as well. Off course in my visit the Kheema Tikki Chaat will take priority over this but for vegetarians this is a must try.

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Though I am a Mutton fan & would choose that over anything, when eating at Goila Butter Chicken, you obviously try the star dish. The creamy luscious gravy with tender pieces of chicken accompanied with Hot Rumali Roti & pickled onion is what comfort food feels like. Give me a bowl of my favourite Dal Makhani which is not sweet & perfect with spices & creaminess & you have won my foodie heart completely. For the vegetarians they have the same offering but with Paneer along with both veg & non veg biryani’s. Since I tried the food even before they opened doors to everyone, I didn’t get to try the dessert but the Baked Mango Rosgulla & the Chocolate Golgappa’s are definitely on my list to try.

Chef Saransh ventured into this delivery joint with his college best friend Vivek. While for now Goila Butter Chicken is available only in & around Andheri, they do have plans to tie up with delivery apps to carter to other area’s eventually. It’s located in one of the lanes right next to DN Nagar Metro Station, Andheri so next time you are craving some delicious grub, you know where to dial in.



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