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18 September, 2016

Christmas Fruit Soaking Celebrations at Hyatt Regency, Mumbai

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Close to this time of the year I have always come across awesome baker friends removing their secret recipes & going Christmas shopping. Christmas shopping so soon, you ask? Well it’s the different kind of shopping, the boozy kind.

Candied peels, fruits, other dried berries & different kind of alcohols are shopped or the secret collection is brought out of the cupboard, mixed & soaked along with dry spices for months to be used for the amazing Christmas pudding. In some houses or communities, this simple act is a festive tradition where all the family, friends & loved ones come together & do the mixing. Don’t forget to make a wish while doing so, after all you are doing a humble act by feeding souls like me & many others a good boozy pudding.

Me & Jagruti (lovetolivetoeat)

Fruit Mix with spices

I was super excited on receiving an invite by Hyatt Regency to be a part of their Christmas Fruit Soaking celebration last evening. It really did bring a lot of joy & a vibe of happiness throughout the entire fruit mixing process. We added nearly 40 litres of alcohol to a fruit mix weighing almost 120kgs. The Fruit mix included berries, prunes, candied peels, candied fruits, apricots & raisins. While the powdered spices included star anise, black cardamom, cinnamon, dry ginger powder, nutmeg, green cardamom & clove. It was then followed by a ton loads of mix fruit jam to act as a binding element for the alcohol, spices & fruit.

The number of Alcohol Bottles that went in

Let’s start Mixing!

And done

Let’s not forget the alcohol; 40 litres is a mighty LOT! It included bottles of Gin, Vodka, Rum, Brandy, Whisky, Cointreau & Dry Martini. The moment the bottles opened & we started to pour, all we could breathe was alcohol; it was boozy & how. If that was not enough, the chef mentioned that he would be adding 10litres more which would be a mix of all the spirits after a month & giving it a good mix again. This mix is then removed in an airtight containers & refrigerated giving it an occasional mix for months & some do it even for a year.

Mulled Wine

Fruit Mince Meat Pies

After the ceremony, we indulged in some brilliant warm & cozy Mulled Wine & some snacks along with some Christmas desserts. The chef was a Santa to us by making a plum cake for all of us to take home making use of the previous soaked fruit mix batch. Needless to say that it was a part of the Christmas desserts on offer & I absolutely loved it. Can’t wait to indulge in plum cake loaf sitting in my bag with some more wine. Thank you Hyatt Regency for letting me in your festive celebrations.

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