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22 September, 2016

Restaurant Review : Kaboom, Lower Parel

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Quick, Delicious, Gourmet Food yet that has Value for Money is the need of the hour for many especially when you are on the go or in a rush. Kaboom, a recently opened café in Kamala Mills, Lower Parel is one of the recent entrants to offer everything mentioned above.

Even though the food is nothing fancy, it is simple yet comfort food. It’s healthy & not over indulgent making it light on your waist & reasonable on your pocket. When the word Kaboom comes to mind; speed & fun are two of the 1st things that come to mind. With their quick service & rotational menu/cuisine throughout the week, Kaboom stands true to the expectations. They have a new menu for each day of the week & even if you see a burger or a sandwich repeat on some of the days, they are way different in taste having flavours from the cuisine of the day. Thus even if you end up eating at Kaboom every day, their aim is to make your meal interesting & fun. Besides the rotational menu, they also have few basic things like some snacks, beverages & baked items in their all day everyday menu.

I entered the place during the rush lunch hour & was surprised to see it not just packed on a weekday but had a heavy duty waiting line too on a Monday afternoon. By the sight of it, it was clear to me that Kaboom had already become a favourite of the office goers in & around Kamala Mills or Lower Parel in general. Since I got a table once the rush was gone; when I ordered food, it was brought to my notice that most of the dishes were sold out & it was only 2pm. Apparently they do a refill post lunch hour if required & in spite of the refill, they were sold out by 10pm.

Kung Pao Fries

Omlette Sandwich

Stir Fry Rice

Chicken Burger

Order Buzzer

Anyways getting down to the food, I tried Kung Pao Fries, Chicken Burger, Omlette Sandwich & a Stir Fry Rice bowl whose name I can’t recollect from their “Shang High Funk – Monday Menu”. Unfortunately, that were the only things available from their rotational menu at the time of my visit. Kaboom is kind of a self-service place & has an interesting buzzer to notify you when your order is ready. The buzzer starts ringing with a flickering light to let you know that your food is ready. The Kung Pao Fries were soft & similar to the regular homestyle fries, I wished it was crispier & had atleast some crunch to it. But the flavours & dressing was simple, tasty & had a good zing to it. The Omlette Sandwich again was disappointing, the omelette was overcooked & dry & the bread had no spread or dressing to it. The Stir Fry Rice was quite average as it was really low on flavours & simply bland. The Chicken Burger however had a good flavour coming from light soy, ketchup & bok choy. The patty was moist & nice but again the burger as a whole dish needed more dressing or a punch to it. I wouldn’t say it was average but it definitely didn’t have any wow factor about it either.

My lunch table

Jerk Chicken Sandwich

From the All Day Everyday menu we tried the Jerk Chicken Sandwich & since the drinks were sold out too, we settled for Juice Cans by Good Juicery. Finally, the Jerk Chicken Sandwich appeared like a breath of fresh air on the menu. The Chicken was marinated overnight, had great flavours & was cooked to the T, one of the must tries! Since I avoid aerated drinks, the good juicery didn’t do much for me to help with the meal.

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie & the Peanut Butter Cookie

In desserts, we were recommended to try the Chocolate Olive Oil Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie & the Peanut Butter Cookie. All 3 were brilliant, they were moist, goey & so comforting; highly recommended! My review is based on my visit in the month of early July & I see they have upgraded their menu & added a few more options since then. My suggestion to the management would be to work on the flavours as well other than keeping it healthy. The one thing that I liked a lot about Kaboom was how environment friendly their restaurant is, right from their rustic interiors, food truck resembled kitchen or the basic cutlery. Also all the produce used to make the food is totally organic which is an added USP of the place.

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