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16 September, 2016

Restaurant Review : Maa Anjani, Borivali (W)

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I love street style loaded with butter Pav Bhaji. In my opinion, any person who as a child has gone to chowpatty with their parents & indulged in buttery pav bhaji followed by gola still lies their heart in “bhaiya ek pav bhaji & 2 pav extra”. Recently I came across this quite a unique place called Maa Anjani in Borivali (w) that a friend simply couldn’t shut up about. With the amount of praise given, I knew I had to try it out to see for myself.

I finally gave in & went for a drive till that side & all along I was warned not to keep any expectations about the ambience or interiors whatsoever; simply try it for the love of good food. After a long drive, I finally did reach to this street food sort of place but surprisingly with decent seating & what an array of food to welcome me. I tried a few things & loved it so much that I went back dragging some of my foodie friends as well.

The uniqueness of this place is they serve Black Pav Bhaji & other related works in Black, yes you heard me right BLACK with NO artificial colours using all natural & herbal products. Now I have tried street pav bhaji, fancy ones, modified ones & the ones that are loaded with tons of butter in the city but this one sure was unique & obviously I had to try it out.

Cheese Vegetable Pudla Sandwich

Besides Pav Bhaji, Maa Anjani also has a lot of other things to offer; I started off with the unique speciality called Pudla Sandwich which is famous from the bylanes of zaveri bazaar & not easily found elsewhere. I tried the Mix Vegetable Cheese Pudla Sandwich which has 2 slices of bread coated with a besan batter & stuffed with veggies & cheese & grilled till it crispy & golden from outside. They have other fillings in Pudla sandwich too & I definitely urge you to try it; not to forget the chutney’s they serve along with it are finger licking good.

Cheese Vegetable Khichiya Papad

Butter Masala Khichiya Papad

Next we tried another rarely found dish called the Khichiya Papad, this was the time I even came across a dish like that. The khichiya papad’s are roasted over coal & topped with different toppings or butter & masala & served immediately. We tried the plain Butter Masala Khichiya Papad & the Cheese Vegetable Khichiya Papad & both were just great but my personal favourite was the Butter Masala Khichiya Papad along with the garlic chutney that came along with our Pudla Sandwich.

We finally ordered our Black Pav Bhaji & while our order was being prepared, we wandered around the Pani Puri section to have some chaat & were mighty surprised with the variety of flavours they had on offer for both water as well as the puri. My personal favourite was the Peru Pani Puri out of all.

Black Pav Bhaji

Paneer & Cheese Khada Black Pav Bhaji

Kothmir Masala Pav

Next we tried their speciality the Black Pav Bhaji & the Paneer & Cheese Khada Black Pav Bhaji along with yet another unique thing called the Kothmir Masala Pav. Now when my order 1st arrived, I was definitely taken aback be it with the amount of Kothmir (coriander) on the Masala Pav or the black colour coming from natural ingredients. I was hesitant but then I tried & I was at a loss for words; it was lip smacking & finger licking good, so good that we all just stopped talking for a while & enjoyed every morsel. While the Black Pav Bhaji was good, no doubt about that but the winners that night were the Paneer & Cheese Khada Black Pav Bhaji & the Kothmir Masala Pav; HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Black Tawa Pulav

Cham Cham Masala Pav

Tri-colour Gola

Kulfi Royal Falooda

Even though our tummies were full, our hearts wanted more so we tried the Black Tawa Pulav & Cham Cham Masala Pav & yet again I only wished I had enough room to do justice to the Black Tawa Pulav atleast but I couldn’t. We drowned all that food with their amazing gola’s & falooda & left with parcels for people back home. I am definitely going back for more or atleast requesting my friend to get me a parcel soon. Maa Anjani opens doors from 6.30pm onwards until midnight & is open during Ganesh Utsav & Navratri until 3am & thus makes for a perfect joint for some late night grub.

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