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15 September, 2016

Restaurant Review : Wok in the Box, Fort

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Back in the days a Wok was pre-dominantly an abroad thing where little boxes of Chinese & Asian goodness was packed & given to directly eat from them or take it back home. The wok culture did exist in India too but mostly available in fancy restaurants or five star hotels.

Wok’s have been the recent & much appreciated trend in India particularly in Mumbai. It started off as a quick service dish giving complete value for money to the end consumer & priced quite reasonably. Although currently there are quite a few places following the Wok culture; I clearly remember that out of all those places, Wok In The Box was the 1st to bring Wok’s & take Mumbai on a roll.

Their 1st outlet which was at Carter road was one of my regular places to go get my wo dosage from; however, after that has been shut, I was glad to receive an invite from their newly opened outlet in Fort. Firstly, this outlet is huge compared to any of their other outlets & has a good seating arrangement too. Wooden furniture & rustic interiors are the 1st thing you notice as soon as you entire the outlet.

Spinach & Cheese Momo’s & Spicy Veg Momo’s

Chicken & Spring Onion Momo’s & Spicy Chicken Momo’s

Starting off with their food, I started off with their Spinach & Cheese Momo’s, Spicy Veg Momo’s, Spicy Chicken Momo’s & their regular Chicken Momo’s. Both the spicy veg & spicy chicken momo’s were phenomenal, I absolutely loved them. While they did a great job with their regular chicken momo’s, the spinach & cheese momo’s felt flat in terms of texture or flavour. On insistence we did try another portion of the spinach & cheese momo’s & this time it was great but then that makes me wonder about the consistency which I personally feel should be worked upon. Also the momo wrappers needs a bit of tweaking to be done as they easily fall apart.

Choose your protein – Chicken, Paneer & Tofu

Pick your veggies

Choose your own garnish

Off course after that amount of momo indulgence I had very little room so we tried 2 vegetarian woks’ & the leftovers were packed in the same box & carried home. Wok in the box has a bit of a DIY system across out all their outlets. Step 1 – Fill the preferred veggies of our choice in your bowl. Step 2 – Choose your protein i.e. Paneer/Tofu or Chicken/Eggs. Step 3 – Pick your sauce & might I tell you they have an array of sauces to choose from. Step 4 – Pick your carb & here again they have a few more offerings apart from the regular ones. Lastly Step 5 – Pick your garnish/s for your wok.

Bombay Masala Wok

Sichuan Basil Delight

They also have a pre-set wok menu as well which are regular favourites of many where all the steps remain the same except choosing the sauce. Also while you wait for your order they have some fun board & card games & novels kept on the rack to give you company. I tried the Bombay Masala Wok & Sichuan Basil Delight Wok & went for a combination of rice & noodles along with paneer as the protein. Both the woks were great but the Bombay Masala was a definite hit & a must try. Highly Recommended! I did wish they had veggies like bell peppers, broccoli & zucchini too to choose from. Also do yourself a favour & skip their Iced Teas as they simply sugar loaded drinks lacking flavour & stick to aerated drinks or water.

Overall a good experience, the food & their flavours are great. A few things do need a bit tweaking here & there but overall a good place giving a good value for your buck.

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