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19 October, 2016

Restaurant Review : Delhi Highway

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I don’t really travel far off for food especially vegetarian, there I said it! But I am so glad that this one time I did travel & want to go back again pretty soon along with my entire family just because I loved it so much. Before I start off to describe how my experience at Delhi Highway was, I want to share that this happened after a long time that I have liked EVERY single thing that came to our table. There may be preferences over what I liked more but there was not a single dish that I disliked.

When you enter Delhi Highway, the interiors of the place transcend you to the old Delhi with all its culture & heritage. It’s a sophisticated place where you can have a great meal with friends as well as family, such places are few considering the number of lounges & pubs coming up. Other than the A-la-Carte menu, they also have a special menu priced at Rs. 499/- & Rs.650/- + taxes which comprises of a welcome drink, appetizers, mains & desserts.

Lychee Delight

Tomato Basil Shorba

Masala Papad Cones

Gol Gappa Shot

Dahi Bhalla Chaat

I opted for the special menu that night & started off with my welcome drink, The Lychee Delight which was quite refreshing but a tad bit sweet for my liking; however, it went really great with the appetizers. I moved on to the soup & the chaat sections & I was so pleased with the flavour balance. The Tomato Basil Shorba was a nice clear tomato soup & thankfully unadulterated with any speck of cream in it. The Gol Gappa Shot came in tiny shot glasses with the filling on the side & was spot on. I even liked how creatively they served us the Masala Papad Cones with a drizzle of basil pesto instead of regular coriander chutney but the winner out of all the dishes so far was the Dahi Bhalla Chaat. It was refreshing & the chutney’s worked really well against the cooling yogurt & the crunch from the papdi made it even better.

Naram Dil Kabab

Broccoli & Pesto Tikki

Charcoal Mushroom

Dahi Ke Kabab

Indo Mexican Quesadilla

In appetizers I tried the Charcoal Mushroom, Naram Dil Kabab, Broccoli & Pesto Tikki, Dahi Ke Kabab and the Indo Mexican Quesadilla & I was just amazed with every dish that came my way. The Indo Mexican Quesadilla were wholesome & had such generous amount of filling that was spiced with Indian flavours & was a good change to the regular authentic ones. The Broccoli & Pesto Tikki & the Dahi Ke Kabab did have a few fans from our table but I personally found it a little average & would easily skip it next I visit. But you definitely have to order the Charcoal Mushroom which had an amazing cheesy filling & the Naram Dil Kabab which was crispy from the out & so delicate & soft in the center. Highly Recommended.

Kadai Pasta with Garlic Naan

Apple Mint Mojito

Before moving on to the mains I even tried the Kadai Pasta & ordered for an Apple Mint Mojito. For anyone who takes their Indian spice flavours seriously, the Kadai Pasta is a sure shot winner. Even the Apple Mint Mojito was refreshing & made spot on. I had no complaints with my meal so far as the taste & service both were great.


Veg Thaali

Tandoori Mini Paneer Kulcha’s


Then came the time for the finale i.e. the amazing thaali that you absolutely cannot miss. It had an array of things to pick & choose from & one possibly didn’t know where to start. The thaali had Dal Delhi Highway, Methi Malai Mattar, Corn Palak, Pindi Chana, Paneer Delhi Style, Ghee Rice, Salad, Vegetable Raita & to finish it off some brilliant Rice Kheer. You also get a basket of some delicious Tandoori Mini Paneer Kulcha’s to wipe off all those gravies. Basically everything I love in a thaali, this one is worth travelling for on any given day. Even though the Dal Delhi Highway which was dal makhani is quite famous, it personally didn’t appeal to me much & inspite of the Pindi Chana having great flavours, I didn’t it to be authentic Pindi Chana. But the rest of it was finger licking good specially the Paneer Delhi Style & the Rice Kheer nailed it for me. To top it off you even get a thick luscious serving of delicious chilled Lassi which serves as a great palate cleanser.

Jalebi with Kesari Kheer

One possibly cannot leave Delhi Highway without the ever famous piping hot & crispy Jalebi’s that the northern India is famous for. We downed all the Jalebi’s with some chilled Kesari Kheer. I left Delhi Highway having a brilliant experience & a tummy that was almost bursting to return soon with my family.

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