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13 October, 2016

Restaurant Review : Upstairs, Tardeo

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In the quite residential area of Tardeo where there is almost no sign of nightlife, Upstairs is a refreshing entry. With the calmness of Budha idol’s greeting you, the place has an electric energy of its own. Having two sections i.e. the lounge & the rooftop terrace, Upstairs serves both kind of crowds; one that wants to have a party feel & those who want to sit back & relax with some drinks & food.

They definitely have some really interesting Cocktails & offers that seem like a steal, almost too good to be true. They also have the regular drinks that please the crowd but they definitely have some really unique flavours combined with different spirits to tantalise your taste buds. Along with that, the food menu too is quite massive. They predominately serve Pan-Asian cuisine across 15 destinations that revolve around Asian cuisine.

Geonbae & Chai-Yo Shots


We started the night with some shots & drinks as it only makes sense to do that on a Saturday night in Mumbai. We tried the Geonbae shots & the Chai-Yo shots & totally loved them. The Geonbae shot had refreshing note of lemongrass flavour & the Chai-Yo shot was on a fruity note & served as a good palate cleanser. In drinks we tried the Kireina, Spiced Copi, Water Pipe & the Goldfish Cocktail. The Kireina had a lovely flavour coming from galangal, elder flower & apple juice infused with vodka & went really nice with the appetizers but was a tad too less potent for my liking.

Goldfish Cocktail

The Goldfish Cocktail too was less potent & had similar flavours of Galangal infused with Vodka like the Kireina. This was served in a cone shaped glass over a fish bowl which was quite apt with the name of the drink. I really liked the presentation of their drinks & the kind of serve ware used for their drinks.

Water Pipe

Spiced Copi

My personal favourites were the Spiced Copi & the Water Pipe which we ordered along with our mains. The Water Pipe was served in a green colour Bong tube & had quite a hippie feel about it & had a great flavour of Paan mixed with Vodka. Since I am seldom drink & when I do, I opt for Vodka & prefer not to mix my drinks I stick to one spirit throughout. The Spiced Copi too was a Vodka based one but out of all that we tried, this was a clear winner. It was a mix of coconut water, watermelon, cardamom & vodka, definitely recommended for sure.

Vegetable Murtabak

Honey Chilli Lamb

Duet of Pepper Chicken

Cottage Cheese Chilli Pepper

Since this was an official review, a menu was fixed for all the bloggers to try that night. We decided on skipping the soup & salad & directly jumped onto the appetizers namely Vegetable Murtabak, Cottage Cheese Chilli Pepper, Duet of Pepper Chicken & Honey Chilli Lamb. I had my doubts on well the lamb would be cooked when I ordered it but was mighty pleased. It was a nice change from how most of us are used to eat lamb in India. While the Cottage Cheese Chilli Pepper & Duet of Pepper Chicken were quite decent & average; the Vebetable Murtabak was BRILLIANT! Minced vegetable stuffed flatbreads served with a thai dip, the combination together was so good, highly recommended for sure.

Chicken Coriander Dimsums

Jasmine Burnt Garlic Rice, Chicken Stir Fry & Vegetable Stir Fry in Asian Chilli Bean Sauce

We moved on the Chicken Coriander Dimsums & ordered for the Veg & Non-veg stir fry along with Jasmine Burnt Garlic Rice. The dimsum filling was really good with simple but lovely flavours but the wrapping itself was quite floury in taste. They can definitely do better in that department. The vegetarian stir fry had mixed vegetables tossed with an Asian Chilli Bean Sauce. It was a good dish but definitely not a great one & lacked flavour balance. However, even though the Chicken stir fry had basic flavours, it was really good & went really well with the Jasmine Burnt Garlic Rice.

Red Velvet Pastry

Honey Noodles with Coconut Ice-cream & Vanilla Ice-cream

In dessert, we tried the Red Velvet Pastry & the classic Honey Noodles with Coconut Ice-cream & Vanilla Ice-cream. The Red Velvet Pastry was quite dry & didn’t appeal to us at all but the honey noodles were quite well done. The Coconut Ice-cream did all the magic in the simple dessert like that. But I do hope they introduce more desserts soon & work on their pastry skills.

The management definitely needs to buck up alot on the food & service front. Also they need to put some sign boards or publicity around the area as no one has a clue where it is located. Thank goodness to google maps that we managed to reach there. Over all it’s a decent place only if you wish to enjoy some great drinks at pocket friendly prices & have a good time.

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