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2 November, 2016

Restaurant Review : Lemon Leaf, Colaba

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I was extremely disheartened when the Bandra outlet of Lemon Leaf has shut down as I had some really good memories crawling back to college days until few months back at the restaurant. So, when I got an invite for a special preview of their Colaba outlet, I instantly jumped on it. Firstly, this place has a great vibe about it with some amazing food & drinks. Apart from their regular fare, they have introduced some great options to their food & bar menu as well.

Chicken Ramen Soup

I was one of the 1st few people who got to try their amazing spread & I was completely in love with their food all over again. Lemon leaf hands down serves some brilliant pan Asian food that doesn’t burnt a hole in the pocket. Since this was a special preview, we had a fixed menu for the night. I started off with Chicken Ramen Soup & trust me, do not go by the picture, this was everything you want on a cold night to keep you warm & comforting; tasted so good.

Silken Tofu

Sizzling Chicken Sisig

Salmon larb Ceviche

Next up we tried Silken Tofu, Sizzling Chicken Sisig & the Salmon larb Ceviche & there was not a single thing on my table I did not enjoy. The sunny side up with the Sizzling Chicken Sisig went great with the chicken, the yolk acted as a sauce & over all the combination was lovely. The Silken Tofu was soft & refreshing with bits of ginger, fried onion & the sauce that it was dipped in had amazing balance of flavours. Ceviche is something not everyone can get it right as at the end its nothing but sea food cooked in lemon juice or any citrus agent, but the Salmon Larb Ceviche was spot on. The crunchy rice bits added a nice texture to the freshness of the whole dish.

Chicken Gyoza & Roasted Vegetable dumplings with edamame

Roasted Vegetable Dumplings with Edamame

So far I was quite happy with my meal, though since it was a preview night, the service on my table was very slow. I hope it is not the same on a regular service day. We moved on to the Dumpling Section of the menu & tried the Chicken Gyoza & the Roasted Vegetable Dumplings with Edamame. One being steamed & crisped up on one side & the other being uber soft. The Roasted Vegetable Dumpling with Edamame was quite okay & nothing great but the Chicken Gyoza more than made up for it. It had simple basic flavours but it was so good that it had me craving for more, so much that I had to stop myself as I wanted to try the rest of the dishes too.

Tuna Tartare Sushi, Pickles, Wasabi & Sesame

Asparagus Tempura Sushi with Dijon Mustard

Now anyone who knows me closely, knows that I have hated sushi since forever. I had tried it at a couple of places & even took a class on how to make it but I just never got around it & simply gave up on it a few years back. But this one time when the Sushi’s came to my table, my friend insisted I try the proper way & I was so glad that I listened to him. I fell in instant love with both Asparagus Tempura Sushi with Dijon Mustard as well as the Tuna Tartare Sushi that had pickles, wasabi & sesame. I was learning & getting the hang of eating Asian food with chopsticks that night & I really enjoyed the whole experience of my meal. P.S. Lesson Learn – Be careful while having WASABI!

Korean Fried Chicken

Srilankan Fish Curry

I moved on to the mains & asked the guy serving us that night to get the non-vegetarian mains & once again the waiting began which ended after almost 25 minutes. The food however made up for the loss time & gave me & my friend time to catch up & interact with others. Also, one thing I need to mention is that all the food pictures are of tasting portions & not the actual portion size. When I ordered Korean Fried Chicken, I simply assumed that it would be pieces of fried chicken flavoured with Korean spices but I was so wrong. It came as a DIY burger where buns were replaced by super soft Bao’s along with crunchy lettuce & a few Asian dips. The chicken was soft, juicy & delicious & combination as well tasted great. It would be wrong of me to compare the Korean Chicken & the Srilankan Fish Curry as both are world apart but if you asked me to pick one of the two, I would without a doubt go for the Srilankan Fish Curry. Such simply yet beautiful flavours; served with Jasmine rice, the fish was cooked to the T & the sauce had just enough creaminess to keep me craving for more. Highly Recommended.

Tokyo Drift

Popping Passion

Twinkling Reef

Sunset Symphony

The Art

Since I was the first few ones to get a preview of Lemon Leaf, the bar was serving only mocktails as they still were waiting on their liquor licence. I tried quite a few mocktails & I felt that if their mocktails are so good, add some vodka/gin/whisky to them & how good will they be. I tried the Popping Passion, Sunset Symphony, The Art, Twinkling Reef & Tokyo Drift; after all that waiting called for something to sip on. I loved all the drinks I tried & even though I was a little hesitant in trying The Art as it had raw egg white, I really enjoyed the drink. The only mocktail I didn’t like much was the Twinkling Reef as it had a strong flavour of star anise & I am not a big fan of that spice.

Chocolate Sushi

Jackfruit & Black Sesame Ice-cream

After the mains, despite the dishes being tasting portions, I was quite full & had totally planned on skipping the Assorted Ice-creams from the menu that night but then I heard Black Sesame Ice-cream & I knew that I simply had to try it. Two scoops of Black Sesame Ice-cream & Jackfruit Ice-cream (one of each) was served to us & even though I am not an ice-cream fan, I begged them to start the black sesame ice-cream at their bandra delivery outlet. I can have a big tub of it all by myself, absolutely brilliant. Another thing that intrigued me was the Chocolate Sushi, I was quite curious to find out how it would be like & this yet again was a stellar dessert. Light, comforting & so unique, must try.

My recommendations for you to try – EVERYTHING!

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