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Pocket Friendly DIY’s and Ready Meals with Gits Food

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We all love food, it is the most primary need of any living & some of us even enjoy the whole cooking process; be it the extensive & lengthy methods or the quick hassle free one pot meals. But we all have those moments when all we need is a good healthy meal in absolutely no time with great taste & it comes out of your kitchen & not from a restaurant.

With my work revolving around cooking, at least I for one have those moments when I want to cook a meal which is done before I know it & I can sit back & take the day off & enjoy my meal. Ready DIY meal kits or open-mix-heat-serve have become my favourite things to experiment with. One such recent DIY & Ready meal boxes that I tried out were from Gits.

In fact, the 1st time I ever tried a ready open-mix-heat-serve dish that came out of a packet was from Gits a few months back. I had tried the Dal Makhani back then & honestly before trying it out, I had my hesitations about how the taste would be, whether it would have that typical packaged feeling & not match the taste of a fresh dal but surprisingly I was very happy with the dish. Right from consistency to the taste, to the aroma as well as the texture, I really found it a steal at Rs 75. Being such a sucker for dal makhani in general & now when I liked this easy & handy ready box so much, I ended up picking it again from a super market along with Pav Bhaji & a Gulab Jamun Dessert Mix just to check out more.

Gits Dal Makhani

Gits Dal Makhani

Along with being super economical & light on your pocket; Gits products have no preservatives, gluten free & completely vegetarian. As I mentioned above, the Dal Makhani was a great hit at my place & the quantity is good enough for two people to be served with roti or steamed rice. Also, I must mention this, the ready meals are great for both domestic & international traveling as the packaging is very sturdy & vacuum packed packets inside the box. It is also a great option for office goers who often end up ordering oily greasy food during their lunch hour. All you need to do is dunk the ready meal plastic pouch in boiling hot water for 3-5 minutes or simply open it in a microwave safe bowl & heat it up & serve hot. It cannot get easier than that. I still have to try out the Pav Bhaji so I cannot comment on how the taste is but knowing that it does not have any preservatives, I am hoping it will be a hit too.

Gits Gulab Jamun

Gits Gulab Jamun

The Gulab Jamun mix however is not a ready meal box but an instant dessert mix. It consists of an instant dry mix along with all the instructions on the back of the box for you to follow. The ready dry mix needs to be mixed with water or milk & kneaded into a smooth dough & a sugar syrup needs to be prepared. Once the dough & the sugar syrup is ready, all you need to do is divide into small balls without cracks & fry on medium heat & dip them into the hot syrup. The packet said to divide it into 45 Gulab Jamuns, however I could manage to get only 35 pieces. But being priced at Rs. 75, this one is surely a keeper & definitely much cheaper from the market price of ready Gulab Jamuns too.

When I checked out their website, I was quite surprised with the kind of variety they have to offer be it with the ready meal kits or the instant dessert mixes & to top it off they even have Breakfast & Snack mixes which I intend to check out soon too.

Disclaimer – This is NOT a sponsored post. The views are based on personal experiences.

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