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15 February, 2017

Burgzooka Review – A late night joint delivering some great Gourmet Burgers

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The American & Gourmet Burgers got its fair share of importance in India much later thanks to our very own humble Indian burger i.e. the vada pav. However; burgers in India pre-dominantly meant Mc Donalds or KFC & that was that. If we needed something more fancy, we had to do it ourselves at home as there weren’t many options back then.

With the new times, a lot of restaurants & food joints do some amazing burgers & I tried one such late-night delivery joint called Burgzooka serving only burgers & some sides to go with them. They open at 7pm & are operational until 5am which basically is the answer to a lot of our midnight cravings.

They have pork, beef, egg, chicken & vegetarian burgers and since I do not eat pork & beef; I opted for chicken & vegetarian burgers instead. I tried the Bad-Ass Chicken Burger, the Cheese Chicken Burger & the Classic Paneer Burger. Along with this I tried their Deluxe Chicken Wings & the Gourmet Potato Wedges with a can of coke.

Firstly, to begin with I really liked how neat & tidy their packaging was as well as the food was quite hot inspite of being a delivery joint. The burgers are neatly wrapped in foil & later packed in their paper boxes.

Classic Paneer Burger

Cheese Chicken Burger

Bad-Ass Chicken Burger

Getting down to the food; I started off with the Classic Paneer Burger & honestly, it was quite okay. Since the paneer is crumb coated & deep fried, it was a bit dry as it was little over done but nonetheless its quite filling for one person. Next I tried the Cheese Chicken Burger & I quite liked this. The meat was juicy & nicely done & the melted cheese along with the inhouse mayo makes it a bit messy but quite a satisfying indulgence at the same time. As we all say, save the best for the last & so was it in this case. The Bad-Ass Chicken Burger was lip smacking & finger licking good. The double cheese, mayo, mustard along with a good hit of chopped jalapenos is what makes this burger so GOOD.

Deluxe Chicken Wings

Gourmet Potato Wedges

Do yourself a favour & SKIP the Deluxe Chicken Wings as there is nothing deluxe about it. Inspite of the well seasoning, the chicken wings are dry & chewy. However, I really liked the Gourmet Potato Wedges, the seasoning spice mix sprinkled on the wedges was tangy, spicy & just went really well with hot wedges. I also did feel the need of some in-house gourmet dips or at least our good old ketchup along with the wedges which were missing. So yes, inspite of a big thumbs up for the packaging, I was disappointed on seeing no ketchup, dips or paper napkins along with my meal.

Verdict – Decent

What to do for late night hunger pangs?

Call Burgzooka

What to order from Burgzooka?

Bad-Ass Chicken Burger & the Gourmet Potato Wedges

What should I expect from Burgzooka?

Timely Delivery

Good Packaging

Hot Food at your doorstep


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