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24 February, 2017

Restaurant Review : SugarPlay Patisserie – India’s 1st Online Fine Dining Patisserie

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We have all witnessed the growth of full blown decadent cakes, right from Tier Cakes, Anti-Gravity Cakes to Naked Cakes. Even though they are here to stay, the preference somehow has shifted to mini portions of these pretty little decadent desserts. Individual portions of pastries have suddenly picked up more demand & thankfully the dessert kings & queens have started giving more attention to pastry art as well.

Pastries now look classier & beautiful & that element is no longer restricted to five star banquets. You can find them in a few selective dessert boutiques around the city that are not just pretty but great on taste & quality too. But the problem with most of them is that one personally needs to visit the dessert boutique & choose whichever pastry creation appeals to the eye the most.

I recently came across SugarPlay located in the heart of Powai & was mighty pleased to know that it is India’s first online fine dining patisserie where you can choose whichever dessert you want & order as per your convenience.

It’s the brainchild of Chef Amit Mehta whose idea behind SugarPlay was to change the way a normal looks at Indian Patisserie. He has incorporated Indian spices & flavours with a bold punch in delicate & beautiful looking yet unconventional desserts.

SugarPlay Patisserie Packaging


I tried a couple of desserts & all I can say is it left me with their unique wow factor. Savoury & sweet with surprising flavours really can leave anyone quite speechless. I have to mention that whenever we order a cake or any kind of pastry there is always the fear that it might get a bit damaged while travelling. But when SugarPlay desserts arrived, not only was I impressed with their classy packaging but also the fact that each & every dessert’s base was glued to the box with a two way tape ensuring no damages that may happen during the delivery. My favourites from their Signature range of desserts was Paradox, Original Sin & The Painkiller. Each of them were so unique & different from each other & they look so pretty that you just take a while to absorb the beauty of it. Both Paradox & the Original Sin are eggless.


Original Sin

The Painkiller

Paradox comes in a glass jar filled Coconut Pannacotta which is topped with Pineapple & Black pepper Compote with a drizzle of Chocolate Crumble & some Hazelnuts that are covered in caramelized Jaggery. The textures & that hit from the black pepper are brilliant. Original Sin is what every chocolate lover’s dreams are made of. A Tart that looks like a crown & has a filling of Belgian Chocolate, a clove spiced Ganache, Sea Salt Caramel & Poppy Seeds to finish it off; what else can you ask for. The Painkiller is not just a treat to the eyes but it also tantalizes your taste buds. It consists of a Passion fruit mousse that is flavoured with bay leaf along with a surprise of a raisin insert, placed on a mint biscuit base & lastly it is completed with a dash of Vodka.

The Konkan Opera


The other two desserts that I tried from their Signature range were The Konkan Opera & Serendipity. Even though both looked fantastic & had a great Indian twist given to it, the textures somehow were the reason I did not enjoy them much. Serendipity is a layered dessert consisting of two Choux pastry, one filled with chocolate-ginger crème & the other filled with an olive oil custard. The Konkan Opera is a layered pastry consisting of Chocolate Joconde cake & alternately filled with tender kokum creameux & honey creameux. Both had a lovely balance of flavours but both were a bit dry & hard from a regular choux or an opera cake.

Dark Chocolate, Caramelized Bananas, Sea Salt & Dark Rum Loaf Cake

I also tried one of their Tea time loaves because how can I not order it when I see “Dark Chocolate, Caramelized Bananas, Sea Salt & Dark Rum” in the description. It was great in taste & it stays fresh easily up to 2-3 days despite our humid climate.

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