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20 March, 2017

Restaurant Review : A Bar Called Life

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As a blogger, I am often invited to try out different & new places in the city but very few seem to impress me now. The food has nothing unique about it to take me back or to create a mark on my memory. However, the new entry to Juhu area “A Bar called Life” completely won many hearts within a few days of its launch. It certainly has created a great impression within the food & blogging community.

The place is divided into two areas, one which is a beautiful outdoor dining area with an open bar & a great ambience; while the other is an indoor area with a dance floor & has a vibe of a lounge. The most interesting thing is that the indoor area comes to life & transforms into a proper night club by early 11ísh with a dance performance. They have Bollywood nights every Wednesdays & a live singer to give you the sufi experience every Sunday night. One can practically have two completely different dates in a single place, one being the romantic open air dinner date in the outside area while the 2nd is lively, crazy & you can dance away to glory & Dj Amit makes sure you have a night to remember.


Meetha Pan

Kadi Patta Mojito

The bar menu is curated by Mixologist Dhaval Pilay & has an interesting blend of Indian spices & flavours incorporated in a variety of Mocktails & Cocktails. In Cocktails, I tried the Gulabo, Meetha Pan & Kadi Patta Mojito. The Gulabo was a pink colour drink that had a mix of Campari, white wine & vodka & came along with a candy floss that had to be mixed in. I quite enjoyed the balance & the amount of alcohol was just right. The Meetha Pan was a concoction of gulkand syrup, orange bitters & vodka. Even though it looked really nice, it was a let-down in taste; the gulkand syrup was way too much which made it very sweet & I could hardly taste any alcohol. The Kadi Patta Mojito was very refreshing & the curry leaf flavour paired with white rum was a great combination.


Kacchi Keri Mocktail

In Mocktails, I tried Orange Basil Capriosca & a Kacchi Keri mocktail. While the orange part was completely missing from the capriosca it was still refreshing & went great with the appetizers. The Kacchi Keri Mocktail was one of my favourites from all the drinks we tried that night.

Burrata Kadak Roomali

Bhoot Wings

Moving on to food, as usual we requested for small portions so that we could try different things thus all the pictures of the appetizers are of tasting portions. *Disclaimer Alert* We literally went into non-veg food coma that night & thus I highly recommend this place. We ordered for the Burrata Kadak Roomali, Bhoot Wings, Pulled Raan Slider, Sheekh Sheermal & Sarson Mahi Tikka. The Burrata Kadak Roomali is one appetizer that I will be going back for AGAIN & AGAIN. The crispy roomali sprinkled with tangy & spicy masalas paired with creamy burrata is what my recent dreams are made of, MUST TRY! The Bhoot Wings are spiced with Naga Bhoot Jolokia also known as the spiciest chilli in the world but in my opinion, if you have a palate for indian spices this one is not that spicy as described. Even though it has regular flavours of a kebab, they are uber juicy, moist & worth getting your hands dirty for.

Pulled Raan Slider

Sheekh Sheermal

Sarson Mahi Tikka

Another thing I enjoyed a lot was the Pulled Raan Slider, the raan was tender & packed with a mouthful of flavour & to give it an indian twist; regular laadi pav was used instead of slider buns. The Sheekh Sheermal came in the form of open soft shell tacos that had a small mutton sheekh served on mini sheermal & topped with pickled beetroot & yogurt. The balance of flavours were great & I liked the fact that they were small 1-2 bites mini versions. The Sarson Mahi Tikka had a nice flavour of mustard & the fish was cooked to perfection as I personally hate eating overcooked seafood.

Kori Roti

Bamboo Smoked Mutton

In the mains, I tried the Kori Roti & the Bamboo Smoked Mutton. The Bamboo Smoked Mutton literally came inside a bamboo along with a serving of steamed rice. It had a great smoky flavour & the meat was fork tender & moist. Kori Roti was on my “Must Try” list since a while now & when I saw it on the menu, I knew that it had to be ordered. Tried Kori Roti for the 1st time & I completely love the curry leaf flavour in the coconut milk based curry. The crispy thin rice wafer served along with it was so different from the regular indian breads & both paired really well together.

Kaali Gaajar ka Halwa

Nolen Gur Ice-cream

We ended the meal on a sweet note with Kaali Gaajar ka Halwa & Nolen Gur Ice-cream. The Kaali Gajar ka Halwa served with a dollop of malai was warm, melt in the mouth & really comforting but the Nolen Gur ice-cream with the crispy crunchy bits sprinkled on top is what stole my heart. Also the balance of the sweetness was just right & since summers are back, the refreshing nolen gur ice-cream makes for a perfect end to such a great meal.

Chef Amninder Sandhu who was previously with Taj Group of Hotels has done a brilliant job with the food menu. Classic Indian meals that are homely & comforting & represented to suit the modern palate is what the food of A Bar Called Life is about.


MUST Try Food: Burrata Crispy Roomali, Pulled Raan Slider, Kori Roti & Nolen Gur Ice-cream

MUST Try Drinks: Kacchi Keri, Kadhi Patta Mojito

What to Avoid: Meetha Pan Cocktail/Mocktail

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