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9 March, 2017

Restaurant Review : Bombay Salad Co.

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I love salads but it was always one thing that was hardly on my mind while eating out. I have always been one of those indulgent restaurant goers, however with weight loss goals & fitness resolutions this habit had to be changed a couple of months back. While I love making salads at home, the lazy person in me often wants to just sit back & order in or step out casually & yet eat a healthy wholesome meal.

Very few café’s or restaurants serve really good salads & even when they do, the prices are over the sky with portions sizes that is far from filling you up. After hearing so much from a friend go on-on about Bombay Salad, it was one place that I wanted to try from a while. I went there a couple of months back for a quick lunch meeting & had the hot chocolate & totally fell in love with it. Back then I even tried a small serving of The Picnic & a spoon or two of the Protein Overdose salad & had was very happy with my meal back. Few nights back I went in again for an early dinner with my sisters & boy did we have fun.

It was a Sunday night & gosh the amount of waiting & rush is not even funny; 20-25minutes later we finally got our table. With so much crowd, the food takes a little while to come but the taste makes up for it. One of the things I really liked in their menu is that we had an option to order a small portion of our salad too.

The Red Samurai

Grilled Chicken & Couscous


We tried small portions of Grilled Chicken & Couscous, The Red Samurai and the Upstream salads. The salads are wholesome & packed with a good dosage of health, I totally loved The Red Samurai which had chicken as protein & a soy ginger dressing that went really well with the veggies, salad leaves & soba noodles. Even the Grilled Chicken & Couscous salad had a great punch of flavour & the orange carrot vinaigrette complemented the other ingredients of the salad well. My least favourite was the Upstream Salad, I ordered it only because I love smoked salmon but with hardly any smoked salmon in my salad, I was simply left with some shredded carrots, a few beans & salad leaves & a very average Dijon thyme vinaigrette.

Hummus & Chicken Wrap

Mushroom & Caramelized Wrap

Since it was a Sunday night, they were out of Multigrain breads thus sandwiches were not available. Other than the salads we settled for Mushroom & Caramelized Wrap & the Hummus & Chicken Wrap choosing the Organic Whole-wheat & Spinach wrap as the base for both our wraps. Both the wraps were decently good & we preferred the chicken wrap over the mushroom one but the caramelized onion present in both the wraps gave them a very sweet taste which none of us enjoyed.

Homemade Chocolate Sorbet

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

We had a great girl’s night out & a lot of much needed catching up happened over our meal. We ended the meal with Homemade Chocolate Sorbet & my favourite Cinnamon Hot Chocolate. The Chocolate Sorbet was surprisingly vegan & dairy free & yet so indulgent & wants to not leave your spoon. The Cinnamon Hot Chocolate was the very reason I dragged my sisters to Bombay Salad thus it definitely hits all the right spots of the chocolate lover in me.

Verdict – Very Good

What to order at Bombay Salad – The Red Samurai & Protein Overdose Salads, Chocolate Sorbet & Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

What to avoid – The Upstream and Mushroom & Caramelized Onion Wrap

Will I go back – YES

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