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1 March, 2017

Restaurant Review : Candy & Green

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In the rat race of new restaurants opening & shutting every fort night, Candy & Green is a refreshing entry to the list of new places in our city. While the whole fusion food, theme based or cuisine based restaurants flood our city; Candy & Green is all about wholesome food that makes one feel good, nourished & has no guilt factor attached.

I visited the place a day before it opened to get a look & feel of the place. They have a two-floor property, one with casual yet vibrant interiors (psst. perfect for date night) while the other is a roof top open aired space. The best time in my opinion is to visit a little before the sunset as the view & sunset from the roof top is spectacular.

It’s a completely vegetarian place & the entire menu is curated by the Masterchef runner up Karishma Sakhrani where she & the head chef of Candy & Green worked & had several trials before putting it on the menu. Besides having wholesome & health oriented dishes, they also have indulgent offerings to suit the palates of everyone.

The Joker & Papaya

Vanilla & Hibiscus Bellini

I started off with their freshly made smoothies & Cold Pressed Juices – The Joker (Purple Cabbage + Apple + Ginger) & Papaya (Papaya + Orange). Sometime during my meal, I also tried the Ultron (Watermelon + Rose + Mint + Basil Seeds) which was quite refreshing. Candy & Green also offer quite a few cocktails, wines & other alcoholic drinks. I tried the Vanilla & Hibiscus Bellini (Vanilla + hibiscus + sparkling wine) which was exactly what I needed that evening to soak up the view & enjoy the sunset.

Rubies & Pearls

Kale Crumbled Tart

The staff has some senior members too & they are super polite & humble. I was accompanied by two of my dear friends & we 3 left it to our server to surprise us with a mix of dishes to try that evening. I tried Rubies & Pearls which was a light salad made of pearl barley, mixed greens, some hazelnuts & pomegranate that resembled rubies & a dash of honey & mustard to finish it off. Next, we tried the Kale Crumbled Tart which had broccoli, sundried tomatoes, low fat ricotta & crumbled kale sitting on top of a beautiful tart crust.

Achari Mushroom Tikki

Turkish Kebab Wraps

Lotus Root Sliders

Next came in the Achari Mushroom Tikki, Turkish Kebab Wraps & Lotus Root Sliders & all 3 were so healthy & delicious at the same time. While the Achari Mushroom Tikki had a nice pickle spice blend to it, the Turkish Kebab’s wrap was quite thin & crisp that went really well with the soft pan fried tikki’s with some chutney & labneh to keep it moist. The Lotus Root Slider had nice thai flavours & had a nice balance of sweet, spicy & soy.

Mini Herb Garden

Candy & Green has their own 700 st ft. herb garden right above the roof top space where all the fresh herbs & greens are grown. The menu has a nice range of offerings, right from soups & salads to small plates, sharing plates & even delicious boards of different cuisines that is served with dips & house made breads.

Fresh Herb Pasta

Burrata Board


Black is Back

Lastly for the mains we tried their Buratta Board, Black is Back & the Fresh Herb Pasta. The Fresh Herb Pasta was made in an aglio oilio style with fresh herbs & roasted red chilli which was a tad bit spicy for my liking BUT the Burrata Board more than made up for it. Try it to know how lip-smacking & finger-licking good it is. Buratta is basically a freshly made mozzarella cheese ball which is stuffed with cream cheese. If you are a buratta fan or you haven’t tried it yet, then you HAVE to try the Buratta board at Candy & Green. The name of the dish Black is Back got us quite curious when it was suggested to us while ordering, it’s basically a risotto made with black rice instead of Arborio rice & has chopped Portobello mushrooms, confit garlic & a drizzle of truffle oil. Tasty, healthy, cooked to al dente & as per me it was perfect!

No More Depresso Mousse

Coconut Pudding

Hot Chocolate

I ended the meal with No More Depresso Mousse, the Coconut Pudding & Hot Chocolate & after such a great meal somehow the desserts as well as the hot chocolate were such a let-down for all three of us. No More Depresso Mousse was a Hazelnut Mousse that had a hint of coffee & suitable for vegans too; however, the powdered hazelnuts overpowered the entire dessert & left a powdery feel on the tongue. The Coconut Pudding was served with a passion fruit coulis, strawberry slices & some toasted sesame seeds; the balance was good but the texture of the pudding was quite hard instead of the soft melt in the mouth that puddings usually have. The Hot Chocolate was way too sweet that it could almost give me diabetes

Verdict – Very Good

What should you order – Buratta Board, Turkish Kebab Wrap, Lotus Root Slider & Ultron

What should you avoid – Desserts & Hot Chocolate

Will I visit again – YES

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