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3 March, 2017

Restaurant Review : Quattro Ristorante

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Being a food writer I often come across different food cultures, cuisines where intricate technique is needed & then there is the molecular gastronomy. Molecular Gastronomy has taken over the city & made us all look at it in awe of what is presented on our plate. While the liquid nitrogen has been used most commonly in A LOT of restaurants to give the smoky effect, the drama or most commonly for nitro ice-creams but very few restaurants display intricate technique & pure food art. Molecular Gastronomy has a lot more to it than just liquid nitrogen & my meal at Quattro Ristorante a few months back proved exactly that.

I usually go for review meals with friends or other bloggers however this time I took my dad along to make him experience a different side of food. I must say we both were mighty pleased with the whole dining experience; be it the service, the classy & comfortable ambiance or the food itself. I had seen pictures floating around social media of all the new dishes added to their menu & I knew I had to try them out.

Minestrone Tea Set

Minestrone Tea Set

We started off with a soup called the Minestrone Tea Set & as the name suggested it actually came in the form of a proper tea set. This was really interesting as all the vegetables came in a dehydrated form packed in an edible plastic sheet made of potato starch in a soup plate along with a bag of green tea & an extremely hot tomato soup was poured over it. The heat melted away the plastic sheet bringing all the vegetables back to life just like that & a generous serving of grated parmesan was drizzled over the soup. As much as the whole theatre & food drama appealed to us, the taste too lived up to every bit of it.

Green Apple Iced Tea

Berry Mojito

Smoked Orange Apple Pear Insalalte

As much to my surprise they had introduced Ice Teas to eat rather than drink from which we ordered the Green Apple Iced Tea & a basic Berry Mojito. Both were delicious & the crunchy bits were a great twist to it. Alongside we tried an interesting salad called the Smoked Orange Apple Pear Insalalte which was served on a spoon as an amuse bouche & was supposed to be eaten at one go. It had an orange meringue sponge along with bits of crushed walnuts, chopped apples & pear & an olive oil cream with it. Even though the elements on its own tasted a bit odd to me, together it tasted quite decent but something I would easily skip when I visit again.

Corn Cookies

Olive Oil & Mushroom Crostini

Jalepeno Quesso

We finally got down to the appetizers & on my request, the chef was kind enough to serve me small tasting portions. Corn Cookies, Olive Oil & Mushroom Crostini & Jalepeno Quesso were the 1st set of appetizers we tried & the whole presentation again quite impressed me. The Corn Cookies had three elements; the cookie itself, a topping of a creamy thick broccoli & mushroom mixture & lastly a dollop of beetroot ice-cream. While I loved the creamy broccoli & mushroom mixture & the beetroot ice-cream, the cookies however were average. The Olive Oil & Mushroom Crostini was nothing less than art; creamy mushroom mixture layered on crisp crostini which is then topped with an olive oil sphere that bursts into your mouth the moment you bite into it. All the elements really complemented each other well in terms of texture as well as flavour. The Jalepeno Quesso hands down are a MUST try whenever you visit Quattro. Though I would have preferred a crispy texture, the chef’s take on it too was quite good as well. Deep fried balls filled with cheese that oozes out the moment you cut into it & topped with a lovely jalepeno foam. RECOMMENDED!


Filo Parcels

Fresh Guacamole

The next set of appetizers were Taquitto, Filo Parcels & Fresh Guacamole & I couldn’t decide which one did I liked more. The Taquitto’s come is a cone shaped gluten free tortilla which is filled with refried beans, jalapeños, tomato salsa & lastly topped with avocado ice-cream. Unlike the brillaint beetroot ice-cream over the corn cookies, the avocado ice-cream was a let-down as the avocado flavour was somehow masked in the other ingredients used to make the ice-cream. Filo Parcels were basically deep fried filo pastries stuffed with a corn & cheese mixture; even though it was a simple basic appetizer when it came to taste, it was spot on. The Guacamole is quite literally made fresh right in front of your eyes where all the ingredients are brought to your table & server makes it for you as per your spice requirement. It is then chilled with the help of some liquid nitrogen & served with tortilla chips. Fresh, zingy & perfect for nibbling.

Margherita Upside Down

Jalapeno Riso Cottage Cheese

In the mains, we tried their Margherita Upside Down as the name of the pizza itself got me quite curious & the Jalapeno Riso Cottage Cheese. Unlike the usual pizza’s where the sauce is smeared on the pizza base & then topped with veggies/meat followed by cheese; the Margherita Upside Down is done the other way around i.e. the cheese is 1st layered over the pizza base & then the sauce is smeared over it. It tastes like a normal Margherita Pizza which is simply made with a twist thus one can easily skip this & choose the normal one instead. The Jalepeno Riso Cottage Cheese was something I really enjoyed as the flavours were too good. The Jalepeno rice was a bit spicy, tangy & went well with the grilled cottage cheese steaks & the black pepper sauce served with it had great balance of flavours.

Chocolate Cigars

We ended the meal with two beautiful desserts, both from their new menu – The Chocolate Cigars & the Tres Leches. The Chocolate Cigars was served on a tart layered with Salted Caramel & Dark Chocolate Ganache. Both the Cigars too were filled with a light Nutella Mousse & the other with a Sea Salt Caramel Mousse. The entire dessert should be a chocolate lovers 1st & only choice while ordering a dessert, decadent & rich & delicious as hell. Contrary to the richness & decadence of the Chocolate Cigars was the Tres Leches. It was a light & beautifully plated dessert, right from quenelles of coconut & vanilla ice-cream to small milk cakes soaked in a sweetened milk mixture to beautiful edible flowers that made the whole dessert look very pretty. A coconut biscuit crumb was sprinkled over it to add a nutty crunchy element to the dessert.

I left the restaurant with a happy & satisfied tummy only to return soon & to try a lot more from the vast menu & offerings at Quattro.

What should you order at Quattro – Minestrone Tea Set, Mushroom & Olive Oil Crostini, Jalepeno Queso, Jalapeño Riso Cottage Cheese, Chocolate Cigars & Tres Leches

What to avoid at Quattro – Smoked Orange Apple Pear Insalalte & Taquitto

Will I visit again – YES!

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