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30 March, 2017

Restaurant Review : Pala Fala

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Good authentic Parsi food is rare to come by & so in my quest for delicious parsi grub I came across Pala Fala a few months back. They have an extensive menu & it was impossible for to try or rather decide what to order. I settled in for the Non-Veg Lagan Nu Bhonu Box (Senior). Lagan in Parsi means marriage & thus it only made sense that the meal comprised of most of the dishes that are usually eaten at marriage ceremonies.

Firstly, I loved the tiffin box packaging of the Lagan nu Bhonu Box; it was a pink soft card box with quirky & interesting Parsi jokes. Pala Fala definitely got me cracking with all that one liner statements. Inside the box, plastic containers stacked up with all the parsi grub awaits to be dived in. Since the food travelled from Worli to Bandra, it needed some microwave reheating & while most of the food was neatly packaging & spill free, my dessert however had got quite messy.

Chicken & Cheese Croquettes and Mutton Cutlets

Patra Fish

The Lagan nu Bhonu Box comprises of 2 Chicken & Cheese Croquettes, 2 Mutton Cutlets, Sali Chicken, Patra Fish, Brown Rice, Chicken Dhansak dal, 3 Chapatis & a small portion of lagan nu custard. The Chicken & Cheese Croquettes & Mutton Cutlets were too good; even though they weren’t crispy but they were cheesy, great on flavour & melt in the mouth. RECOMMENDED! The Patra Fish was decent, nothing that I would rave about as I have had much better versions around the city.

Salli Chicken

Brown Rice & Chicken Dhansak Dal

The Sali Chicken was way too oily & since parsi’s add a bit of sweetness to their food, the gravy had a sweet tinge to it as well. Had it been the case that it wasn’t oily, I would have recommended it. The Brown Rice was very dry & the Chicken Dhansak Dal was bland & flavourless; I simply gave it to my house help who added a lot of pickle masala to give it some flavour. AVOID!

Lagan Nu Custard

The Lagan Nu Custard was good but during the delivery, my portion had got completely messy & thus half my dessert had fallen off. I did relish of the remains of it though. Over all my meal was quite average thus my quest for good parsi food joints still continues.

What to order at Pala Fala – Chicken & Cheese Croquettes & Mutton Cutlets

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