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Restaurant Review : Quench, Reclamation

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We all have a few places in our lives with which we have fond memories attached. This outlet of Quench restaurant is one such place for me. This was the 1st outlet of Quench in Mumbai & in spite of being a small place, it has always been a lot of fun to visit & dine here. I have spent a few birthdays as well had Christmas brunches here too other than the regular times. The food as well as drinks is very reasonable & thankfully never burnt a hole in my pocket when the bill was on me.

I like the fact that they have so many options to cater the moods of everyone; right from bar food to Chinese, Thai, Continental to Italian; they have it all. Over the years, I have tried a variety of dishes & realized that the best part of the food at Quench is that it is great on taste as well as quality & quantity. With so many options now available, I had not been to this outlet for a while until recently. I went back for a quick meal with a friend & I was happy to see the reasons for my liking of this place remain the same. The staff is polite, service is quick & the food is complete Value for Money.

Chicken Labna

Chicken Labna

Chicken Open Toast

Chicken Open Toast

The vibe of this place is quite lively & the music here too is quite groovy & changes from pop classics to the new range of uk top 40. Since I was such a regular here there are two dishes that are a must order every single time. Chicken Labna & Spaghetti in Burgundy Sauce is my patent order & I can practically have it every day. We even tried the Chicken Open Toast & I guess I found my 3rd must order dish.

Must Try at Quench: Chicken Labna, Chicken Open Toast, Spaghetti in Burgundy Sauce

What to Avoid: Chicken Dolly Balls (Something I tried a while back)



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