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9 April, 2017

Restaurant Review : Mumbai Vibe

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It’s not every day you come across a restaurant which has a beautiful huge property & bright vibrant décor that too in one of the by lanes of Bandra. Monday blues were completely gone from the moment I stepped into Mumbai Vibe. The 1st thing that attracted me the most is the beautiful outdoor area & the tables that had swings as seats but with weather like ours, it’s not possible to enjoy an outdoor meal in the scorching heat of Mumbai. They have two storeyed indoor area as well with an open kitchen on the ground floor & an open bar on the 1st floor. To top it off the music & the sound system is an absolute delight with all those drinks & delish food.

We started off with placing our cocktail orders as that is the best way to start a Monday afternoon & bid goodbyes to all those blues, isn’t it? With the appetizers, we tried the Gloria’s Mazagaon & Fishing for Goldfish. Both the drinks were very refreshing & were quite potent. You can call the Gloria’s Mazagaon a relative of the LIT family when it came to potency i.e. in my words 2-3 of these & you have a recipe to get drunk. But being a Monday afternoon, my pick out of the two however was Fishing for Goldfish.

Fishing for Goldfish

Gloria’s Mazagaon

The food menu is huge & is quite tricky to pick & chose what to order because everything seems so interesting. We requested them for small portions so that we could taste more dishes & share about them with all my readers. We started off with the Chicken 65 tartlets, Bombay Gymkhana Prawn Cocktail, Tandoori Chicken Wheat Momos & the Arabic Kefta Kebab. The presentation of the Chicken 65 tartlets was quite interesting as it came on a platter kept over the backside of a mini truck & when it came to taste too, the flavours of the chicken against the buttery crust of the tart paired well together. The Arabic Kefta Kebab was moist & packed with great flavours & the chutney that came along with it quite complimented the kebab.

Chicken 65 Tarts

Chicken 65 Tarts

Arabic Kefta Kebab

Tandoori Chicken Wheat Momos

Bombay Gymkhana Prawn Cocktail

The Tandoori Chicken Wheat Momos were well made & tasted great. Though the tandoori marinade was rubbed on to the momos & then steamed, I would have preferred it much more if it was made in the tandoor. The Bombay Gymkhana Prawn Cocktail had a great presentation too, but when it came to the taste front I found it quite average.

Sobo Life

Dom Jao’s Mahim Canon

Our next set of drink orders were for Sobo Life & Dom Jao’s Mahim Canon & after trying all the drinks, I have to say this that Mumbai Vibe is quite generous with the potency levels. Big thumbs up for that from me. The Sobo Life was very refreshing & was a concoction of white rum & vodka along with other things. The Dom Jao’s Mahim Canon was indulgent & had brandy, kahlua, fresh cream & nutmeg. My pick from the two was the Dom Jao’s Mahim Canon.

Fish Koliwada Nazza

Mutton Sukha Tacos

We moved on to the Mutton Sukha Tacos & the Fish Koliwada Nazza. Both had an interesting Indian spin given to the authentic versions & while on the taste front the Fish Koliwada Nazza tasted great, on the texture front I found the base of the nazza quite dry. The Mutton Sukha Tacos however was an absolute star dish for me. It is one dish that is going to pull me back to Mumbai Vibe quite often.

Chicken Makhani Plate with Oven Baked Naan

We chose to skip the Kathi rolls, sandwiches as well as the burgers & directly order the mains & since we were already quite full, we settled for only one main course. I ordered for one of the most recommended dishes of Mumbai Vibe – the Chicken Makhani Plate with Oven Baked Naan. The Chicken Makhani & oven baked Naan was accompanied with a small serving of my favourite Dal Makhani & sliced onions. If you know me then you know my love for Dal Makhani & Mumbai Vibe totally nailed their Dal Makhani for me. The Chicken Makhani was well made with a creamy rich gravy with soft tender chicken pieces, it was certainly not the best that I have tried in Mumbai but made for a great meal nonetheless.

Chocolate Bomb

Butterscotch Espresso Rosgulla

The only disappointment from my entire meal at Mumbai Vibe was with desserts. I tried the Butterscotch Espresso Rosgulla & the Chocolate Bomb & sadly both were very average & not at all appealing to me. The Espresso Rosgulla was dry & the Butterscotch ice-cream was way too sweet. The Chocolate Bomb shell was quite hard & did not melt properly after pouring the hot chocolate sauce. The vanilla ice-cream however completely melted due to the hot chocolate sauce.

Over all Mumbai Vibe is a great place that has the true spirit & vibe of Mumbai i.e. fun, lively & energetic. I had a lovely time over some great food & drinks & catching up with an old friend. Definitely going back for those Mutton Sukha Tacos soon.

Recommendations at Mumbai Vibe – Mutton Sukha, Arabic Kefta Kebab, Chicken 65 Tartlets, Dom Jao’s Mahim Canon & Fishing for Goldfish

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