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24 June, 2017

Restaurant Review : Brown Rice Box

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Since delivery kitchen seems like the recent fashion in the hospitality industry, new places keep popping up quite often now. While some serve regional Indian food, some go with the modern food approach dishing out some spectacular international cuisine food. However, with the tempt of trying out new variety every other day & with the busy lives that we all lead, most often we don’t take care of ourselves specially when it comes to giving our body wholesome & healthy food.

I had been eyeing Brown Rice Box images ever since it popped up in my Zomato Suggestions of “Coming Up Soon” places. Brown Rice Box is a delivery kitchen in Bandra that aims to serve healthy delicious food. Honestly asking it is a great option for working people or those who lead a busy schedule & often indulge in junk food. They serve salads, sandwiches & complete wholesome meals & is priced quite economically.

Veg Caprese

I tried their Veg Caprese, Enlightened Ceaser Salad & the Charcoal Chicken with Brown Rice. I quite happy with their tight fitted spill free packaging & the food was delivered hot too. The Veg Caprese was a baguette bread, where the soft bread was scooped out & filled with a mix of zucchini, bell peppers, onion & feta cheese. While I understand that Baguette’s by default are a little chewy, this one was quite chewy for me to enjoy this dish. I really liked the filling though.

Chicken Enlightened Ceaser Salad

The Chicken Enlightened Ceaser Salad was quite good, it had a nice bed of crunchy lettuce & other mixed greens, croutons, cubed chicken, shaved parmesan, cherry tomatoes & an in house ceaser dressing. The dressing was nice & tart, great for someone who enjoys the tart zing in their meals.

Charcoal Chicken with Brown Rice

The best of the three was the Charcoal Chicken with Brown Rice, it’s a great option for those who enjoy a spicy meal. It came neatly packed in a box containing a portion of brown rice, chicken & a spicy thick red gravy on the side. I also got a small portion of mixed onion-tomato salad with it. The Chicken had some nice tandoori flavours & was perfectly cooked and the whole combination of the rice, gravy and chicken was quite enjoyable.

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