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31 July, 2017

Restaurant Review : Faasos

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Faasos has been around for quite some time now & pretty known in the market for their rolls. I tried the rolls long back when the variety was quite decent with fillings that were common like your everyday kebab’s.

The Veg Pizza Wrap and Cheesy Chicken Delight Wrap

But recently when I tried some of their recent varieties, I was quite happy with them. The fillings were really nice & something I wouldn’t mind ordering again or recommending to a friend. I had the Cheesy Chicken Delight & the Veg Pizza Wrap.

Cheesy Chicken Delight Wrap

Veg Pizza Wrap

The Chicken was soft & cheesy & well made. The Pizza Wrap does gets your hands a little messy but it’s really delicious & worth a try. The amount of filling in both was decent & the only thing I would have changed is to make the roti a tad bit less crispy. Over all its totally worth the money for the quality of wraps in that price range.

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