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Restaurant Review : Maroosh

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Maroosh has been known for years for its juicy, succulent & lip smacking kebabs in an economical price range. Maroosh food was really top notch when it had opened & thus quite preferred at home. The kebabs, rolls in romali roti, butter chicken with naan were some of our favourites. But with so much variety in the market, I hadn’t got a chance to order their food in a while.

Recently when I stopped by their outlet at Oberoi Mall in Goregaon after an afternoon of shopping, I ordered Paneer Tikka expecting soft & delicious kebabs just like old times. To my horror I was given hard rubbery pieces with absolutely no flavour or salt & a total rip off. It was a big mistake to order from Maroosh & a complete waste of my money. Never going  back or recommending for sure.

Will I Recommend Maroosh – Absolutely NOT

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