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Restaurant Review : Behrouz Biryani

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Behrouz Biryani has been around for quite some time now winning hearts of all the Biryani lovers who often refer to the dish as “Bae-ryani” for Biryani is love. Biryani in India comes with diversity of regions & flavours & each one has a different liking towards the kind of biryani they like. The preferences of every individual would vary & the list would go like – more fried potatoes, more brista, less spicy, more spicy, less masala, more masala & so on & so forth.

When I recently tried their Dum Gosht Biryani, I was very impressed with their packaging. Sturdy neat box packaging, spoons, tissues to mouth freshener & a gulab jamun to end the meal reflects the fact that a good thought process has been put towards customer satisfaction. These things do matter to a lot of people including myself when it comes to delivery kitchens.

Dum Gosht Biryani

Dum Gosht Biryani

Getting down to the food part, I absolutely relished every bit of it as I mentally did a “check, check & check” to all the factors that matter to me when it comes to a good Biryani. More masala, spicy, robust flavours & the final touch of brista. The slightly extra oily part & the fact they add some dried fruits on top as a garnish, were the parts I did not enjoy as I particularly do not like usage of dried fruits in my food, it is strictly meant for desserts for me. While I really enjoyed the biryani, my sister didn’t enjoy it much as it was too much of masala for her. But just as I mentioned above, everyone has their own personal preference for a good Biryani.

Gulab Jamun, Chocolate Fantasy & Gulkand-E-Bahar

I also received 3 small desserts; Gulab Jamun, Chocolate Fantasy & a Gulkand-E-Bahar & after tasting all three desserts; I would suggest Behrouz Biryani to simply stick to only Biryani’s as I didn’t like even one of the 3 desserts.

Over all, loved the packaging & the flavours of biryani & I might order in & try out their other biryani’s soon too.

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