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Tryst with FBAI Review Box & ITC Aashirvaad Aata

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Basic Whole-wheat flour has been one of the most basic staples in Indian households for more than I can remember. Growing up my mom cleaned the wheat & got it freshly milled. For a healthier version, mom used to even add other wholesome grains to get her own version of healthy multi-grain flour. Eventually the mills around the area shut down & freshly milled flour was replaced by commercial packets. Certainly, we had no choice & tried various options available in the market but none were close to satisfactory. Ever since Aashirvaad Aata by ITC was launched, due to the quality & economical pricing it has been on the grocery shopping list.

We usually pick up the 10kg packet of the whole-wheat flour & a few of the 1kg Multi-grain Aashirvaad Aata packets. I enjoy making loaf breads as well as Indian breads with the Multigrain Aashirvaad Aata due to its texture.

Recently I received the FBAI Review Box containing 1kg Multi-grain Aashirvaad Aata packets & the Ready to Eat Meal boxes by ITC & was quite interested to see how they would taste. I have tried Ready to Eat Meal Boxes from other brands but the one’s from ITC had been on my “to-try” list since a while.

I received a packet of Malai Paneer & the famous Dal Bhukhara which resulted into an indulgent hassle free lunch. All I had to do was open the boxes & put the silver sealed pouch in a pot of hot boiling water for 5 minutes. Cut the sealed pouch & serve hot, yes it is that easy. Surprisingly the Paneer was tender despite being a ready to eat meal, the gravy was a bit oily but overall great on taste. The Dal Bhukhara was creamy & was wiped off in no time. I think Ready to Eat meals are a boon & of great help when travelling outside the country. Lets not forget how helpful they are on lazy days when we want great homely food at an economical price.

I served this with my mom’s favourite Phudina Ajwain Laccha Paratha. This is something I had first made a while back with Multi-grain Aashirvaad Aata itself. For those who had requested for the recipe on Instagram, I have finally penned it down for you folks.

Phudina Ajwain Laccha Paratha with Ready Meals

Phudina Ajwain Laccha Paratha with Ready Meals

Phudina Ajwain Laccha Paratha


1 cup Multi-grain Aashirvaad Aata & more for dusting

2tbsp Dry Mint powder

1 tsp Salt

2tsp oil

Ghee for applying between layers & frying the paratha

1 tbsp carom seeds

1 tbsp nigella seeds

1tbsp chopped coriander


  • Mix 1 cup flour, salt & oil. Now add water & make a soft dough.
  • Knead the dough to make it into a soft & smooth dough.
  • Cover & rest the dough for at least 30 minutes.
  • Divide the dough into small equal balls.
  • Dust each dough ball with dry flour & roll into a round disc
  • Rub some ghee generously over it & sprinkle a pinch of salt & mint powder over it.
  • Now starting from one side of the disc, make pleats or fold like we fold a fan.
  • When you make the pleats, fold it like a pinwheel & tuck the other end under the rolled pinwheel.
  • Lightly flatten it with your fingers & dust it with some more flour.
  • Now again roll it into a small round disc keeping it ½ inch thick
  • Sprinkle some nigella seeds, carom seeds & chopped coriander over it & roll it to make it into a medium sized thick disc.
  • Heat the tava & once hot, roast the phudina ajwain paratha using some more ghee till it is golden brown on both sides.
  • Serve hot.


Do let me know if you try making this & do share the pictures. I would love to know what you served it with.

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