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19 August, 2017

Restaurant Review : Sahibaan, Colaba

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Sahibaan has been one of those places that I have been to on multiple occasions whenever I was short on cash. Right from college days, me & a cousin of mine have gone for indulgent lunches & spent a mere Rs.150-200 bucks & gorged on their Chinese Thali which consists of a soup, 2-3 pieces of the limited options of starters, rice/noodles & chicken gravy. The Bandra outlet being the closest to me was always the go-to place for Chinese Thali.

Chinese Thali

Over the years with so many other Chinese options coming up, I haven’t visited the outlet for quite a while. Nonetheless, I still have fond memories from college days. Recently I was shopping at Colaba Causeway & was craving Chinese Food & to my surprise, right across the street I spotted Sahibaan. For a moment I felt, I could have got anything I had wished for. We were super hungry after an afternoon of shopping with no breakfast since morning. But off course the Chinese Thali was ordered & I tried the Chinese Sizzler for the first time. Yes, you heard me right, Chinese Sizzler does exist & my friend highly recommended me to try it.

Cheesy Chicken Schezwan Sizzler

We tried the Cheesy Chicken Schezwan Sizzler & I was super happy I ordered it. The cheesy part was that it had a melted cheese slice over a bed of rice + noodles that was topped with schezwan chicken gravy. The Crispy French Fries were the bonus points we got over a Chinese Sizzler. If you are a fan of Indian style spicy Chinese food, this dish is highly recommended. The Chinese Thali is a great option when looking for pocket friendly meal options. The quantity of the food is generous & thus I had no place for dessert. I left with a happy belly & some happy rekindled memories.

Will I recommend Sahibaan – Yes!

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