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19 August, 2017

Restaurant Review : BYOB

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I reviewed the burgers from BYOB about two months back when they had just opened. Sadly, back then my experience was sheer disappointment. While I expected them to have some really nice Burgers in Mumbai, their burger buns back then in fact were a joke & the filling/patty was another tale together. If anyone would pay me a million bucks to recommend it to someone, I wouldn’t have. But honestly, I do believe in second chances & also the fact that start up delivery kitchens do have a lot of teething issues. But how the management & the kitchen turn around perceptions keeping in mind on the flaws they must work towards is what really matters. Most chefs & management fail to recognise this & thus end up shutting doors before the word about them is even out.

Last week I tried their burgers again from the revamped menu & I am happy to report that they have come a long way & they do serve some really nice gourmet burgers in Mumbai. Right from the burger buns to the quality & taste of the filling & patty; there was an evident change.

La La Lamb Burger

Messy Jessy Burger

Bye Bye Birdy

I tried the Bye Bye Birdy, La La lamb Burger & the Messy Jessy Burger & really liked all three of the dishes. The bye bye birdy was a tad bit salty but great on flavour & from the two burgers I tried, I would have to pick the Messy Jessy Burger as the preferred choice. It’s worth getting your hands & face messed up for. If you are looking for some freshly made gourmet burgers in Mumbai, then BYOB is a great option.

Would I Recommend some BYOB – Yes

Things to try – Bye Bye Birdy, Messy Jessy Burger, Chic Fling

Also just to show the Before-After comparision, I am sharing the pictures of my last experience too.


Paneer Harissa & Mayo Burger

Chicken Schnitzel Burger

Chicken Schnitzel Burger

Chick Fling


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