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9 September, 2017

Restaurant Review : Oye Pappe

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Delivery Kitchens are definitely here to stay. While fancy restaurants give the whole dining experience at a price, delivery kitchens bring us the comfort & often fantastic food at a very economical price. One such restaurant I tried recently was Oye Pappe, a pure vegetarian North Indian food delivery kitchen. The only thing I regret is they don’t deliver to my area. Long story short, I thoroughly enjoyed the food. Right from the moment I opened the box, the aromas to the colour, the food seemed to be calling out to me to dig in immediately.

Assorted Naan, Banjara Kofta, Dal Makhani, Bharwan Mushroom, Paneer Lahori, Jeera Rice (From L to R) from Oye Pappe

Assorted Naan

I tried the Bharwan Mushroom Tikka, Banjara Kofta, Paneer Lahori, Dal Makhani, Jeera Rice & a bunch of assorted naans. The portion sizes seen here are of small tasting portions. Oye Pappe usual serving size is bigger from this. Since Oye Pappe has its kitchen is located in Kalina, thus travelling till khar made the naans a bit chewy which were decent once microwaved & had immediately.

Bharwan Mushroom Tikka

Dal Makhani

The Bharwan Mushroom Tikka had a nice charring & flavour & stuffed with cheese, went great with the phudina chutney. The Dal Makhani was creamy & decent in taste, but I wouldn’t recommend itmy hunt for the best dal makhani’s in town still continue. The Jeera Rice was a tad bit undercooked but a splash of water & some re-heating & we were good to go.

Banjara Kofta

Paneer Lahori

Now getting down to the things I LOVED – The Banjara Kofta & Paneer Lahori. Both the gravies were luscious, creamy & bursting with subtle flavours. The Kofta was soft & melt in the mouth & this was the most enjoyed by me with hot garlic naan. The Paneer had a coating & deep fried & dunked into the gravy & yet quite soft & complimented the gravy well. The grated cheese on the Paneer Lahori & Banjara Kofta was definitely a plus point, who doesn’t love cheese right?

Over all, I definitely would recommend the food from Oye Pappe. Oye Pappe makes vegetarian north indian food rise up to whole new levels.

What to order at Oye Pappe – Banjara Kofta & Paneer Lahori


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