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29 September, 2017

Restaurant Review : Crave, Prabhadevi

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I had heard such rave reviews about Crave when they were in Bandra & had been eager to try them out for a long time. Unfortunately, Crave shut doors in Bandra & moved to Prabhadevi which thankfully is not too far away either. I visited their outlet a few days back with a friend & oh boy what a meal! Crave is known as a one of the best Pizza places in Mumbai but recently also introduced a few more items like burgers, fries, panini’s, salads & freshly made cold pressed juices.

Crave outlet at Prabhadevi is quite small but well-lit with the natural light coming through. The moment you enter Crave, there is a whiff of aroma peculiar to breads & pizza’s that enwraps you completely. Even though the burgers at Crave were highly recommended to us, we stuck to pizza’s because well the aroma’s seemed to be calling to us.

Cheese Garlic Bread

Chicken Bruschetta

Cold Pressed Juices – Radiance & Strengthen

We started with their Cheese Garlic Bread & Marinara Chicken Bruschetta from the sides. To go along with this, we tried two of their cold pressed juices namely Strengthen (orange, apple, lemongrass, ginger) & Radiance (carrot, orange, basil). Happy to report but we started off on a great note, both the sides were really well made & the chicken had a great flavour. Even the cold pressed juices were quite refreshing but I preferred the Strengthen over the other.

Butter Chicken Pizza

Crave thankfully had pizza size options that served 1 too & since we wanted to try different things, we ordered for the smallest sizes. We tried the Butter Chicken Pizza, Spring Fling Pizza & Chilli Garlic Pizza. The Butter Chicken Pizza was delicious, I wish they had used more of the makhani sauce as their base but nonetheless it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Soft & flavourful chicken pieces with a lovely stringy cheese is what makes this one stand apart.

Spring Fling Pizza

Chilli Garlic Pizza

The Spring Fling had pesto sauce as a base with toppings of mushroom, cherry tomatoes, olives & garlic. While it was great on taste; it completely lacked basic seasoning but with a touch of salt, it would have been good to go. The only disappointment I had from my meal at Crave was the new Chilli Garlic Pizza from their Desi section. Even though it looked tempting, it was simply a no no from me as well as my friend. The flavours to the seasoning, everything was missing with this one, thus AVOID!

Belgian Chocolate & Almond Pizza

Flourless Chocolate Cake

While the Chilli Garlic Pizza at Crave was a total disappointment & had ruined my taste buds, the desserts turned the game around once again. Their new Belgian Chocolate & Almond Pizza is an absolute MUST TRY at Crave. The original size of the pizza serves 6 but on request the chef made a smaller version for us. The Belgian Chocolate & Almond Pizza has to be the highlight of my meal at Crave. If you love chocolate then this is definitely RECOMMENDED. We also tried their Flourless Chocolate Cake which again was so well made. The dark chocolate flavour along with the smooth & luscious texture was a total win-win.

Overall, my experience at Crave was really good & I would recommend it without a doubt.

What to try at Crave –

  • Butter Chicken Pizza
  • Strengthen Cold Pressed Juice
  • Chicken Bruschetta
  • Belgian Chocolate Almond Pizza
  • Flourless Chocolate Cake.

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