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Weight loss, Fitness and Keto Diet

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The Struggle

I have struggled with weight loss nearly all my life; right from my parents, extended family & who knows who of the world were behind me being overweight. It’s not easy; the emotional struggle, the constant physical struggle with weight loss but the most important – the mental struggle to deal with it all.

I have given up, picked myself up & gotten back to routine. I have tried diets, acupuncture, naturopathy, yoga, weight training, spinning, circuit training, jogging & elongated hours of walking. While all of this has definitely helped me, the progress has been at snail speed. But all along I had never been able to completely enjoy a meal without being guilty. Even if I ate & momentarily relished something that I wasn’t supposed to, I always found myself kicking my ass for it.

My work revolves around food, I love baking as I have grown up doing so but I seldom bake now only for the fear of finishing it all by myself. I have been judged & body shamed by one too many. “Oh you have such a pretty face, why don’t you lose some weight?”.  The number of times this statement was passed at me are countless. But more than anything or anyone, what mattered most was the inner struggle. I didn’t like being obese or overweight, I let myself go & that is something I am not proud of.

Weight Loss Progress & Diet

Back in 2009 when I touched my highest

Back in 2009 when I touched my highest

Sometime during degree college

Sometime during degree college

February 2016

February 2016

Diwali 2017

Diwali 2017

BUT what I am proud of is to have a positive attitude that helps me going to achieve my fitness goals. The journey from XXXL to L & M has NOT been easy. The weight loss, the inch loss has been a journey full of stumbles. While it is a universal fact that diet is most important in weight loss, I couldn’t live on tasteless food. I could not eat steamed vegetables & all that jazz or starve myself. Eventually I did follow diets, not one, not two but way too many & all it did was bring temporary weight loss results. Yes, I wanted to lose weight & while I am completely aware of making lifestyle changes which mind you I have made to a lot of extent; but occasionally I also want to enjoy my meals without feeling guilty.

I am a voracious reader when it comes to discovering different cuisines & due to the weight struggle, any & every article about weight loss that seemed interesting had to be read. Being a food blogger, I come across a lot of people from hospitality industry but since I really enjoy working out too, I looked up for some health & fitness bloggers. While most spoke about the things I already knew, a few stood out.

Keto Diet or the Ketogenic Diet

The one that I received the most knowledge from was Ranveer Allahbadia from BeerBiceps. He spoke about something that I had completely dismissed a few months back, the KETO Diet. The reason for dismissal were the very principles of it – “HIGH FAT, Medium Protein, low carb diet”. A friend was doing it a few months back & his meal pictures over snapchat made me laugh & I passed statements “you are lying, you can’t eat cheese, mayonnaise, ghee & lose weight”. But how wrong was I, I have seen the transformation of not one but a couple of friends & it is almost magic. While I am obviously not a fitness blogger, Keto is something I would highly recommend. Ranveer speaks about it not just with passion but backs it up with SCIENTFIC FACTS.

Get the right education

People in India do not get the right fitness education & thus we believe whatever the masses say. It has got a lot of negative publicity in India & Mumbai in particular. But if you read every case carefully & their day to day diet, you would realize that they never followed Keto the right way. Keto is NOT a FAD DIET. It is like any other diet that requires self control & determination.

No Pain No Gain

No Pain No Gain

Keto has strict rules, certain do’s & a lot of don’ts. But Keto gives you results like NO OTHER DIET! If you are honest to your self & the diet, the results are unbelievable. I truly believe one should do their own research, consult a dietitian that adapts to newer methods & not restrict their clients to old norms. Keto is not just a diet to think about simply for weight loss. People all over the world have been attempting it for other health issues too. Let’s not forget, working out is as important as following any diet in the world.

Personal Experience

I have personally adapted KETO for a month earlier year & I couldn’t have been happier. While I still have a long way to go to reach my goal, my confidence levels have increased. There is whole new level of motivation. More than weight loss, the inch loss has been amazing.

Thanks to Ranveer, I even found out about Keto for vegetarians. Through this I helped a friend with his weight loss struggle & made him lose 15 kgs in a month. All he did was 30 minutes of walking everyday. It has definitely changed the way I look at fitness & diet & the whole weight loss saga. Keto is a much-needed push if weight loss is a major agenda in your life.

After being on a lot of Keto facebook groups, I have come across a lot of cases where people have adapted & taken it as a permanent lifestyle. However, I wouldn’t suggest someone doing so. Do it in phases till you reach your target goal & later work on maintenance & bettering your fitness levels. At least weight loss will not be an obstacle in life.

I don’t know Ranveer personally but I am thankful to him for all the scientific knowledge shared by him. The world of internet can leave you confused. However this fitness blogger shares a lot of authentic knowledge about not just Keto but a lot of other fitness & health related issues.

Aftermath & Do-overs

If you follow me on Instagram, you must be aware that I was extremely unwell for Two long months dealing with a horrible throat & chronic cough & the medicines were endless. During this period neither could I attempt Keto nor workout resulting in some of that inch & weight loss to come back.

Thankfully that saga of endless medicines is over & I am back on Keto for a longer duration this time to reach my target weight. I will be sharing a weekly progress with you guys to help you stay motivated through your weight loss journey. I will also share some easy Keto friendly recipes for those interested in attempting the Keto Diet. Keto for me has become an addiction to reach my target weight & it will for you too, the results are that unbelievable


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  • Pritesh
    August 20, 2018 at 4:35 pm

    What many also dismiss is the fact that a keto life style can reverse diabetes which I know many Indians suffer with. It really has to be seen as a life style change and not a diet…

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