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1 March, 2016

Aurangabadi Food Festival at Hornby’s Pavillion, ITC Grand Central

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When we as foodies, food bloggers or recipe writers think about different cuisines or researching food cultures; Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, American Food are the first to come to our mind. But did you ever think or know that our very own Indian food has so many subdivisions & food cultures beyond one’s imagination. Every region
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11 January, 2016

Munch away with Snackible

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Times have changed in the last couple of years. People have become more health oriented, more than mere fitness everyone wants to feel good inside out. While a lot of us yet indulge in food from outside, there are many among us who lead the healthy life. There is no denying that food is fuel
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17 December, 2015

Mushroom Baby Corn Masala

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Now that I have finally shifted to my own domain from blogspot, I realized one thing while doing layout changes that I have hardly shared any Indian curries with you guys. Its time I change that & decided to share everything I rustle up for my family. One morning after my yoga class at the
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